Project "Restoration"

Rare and old doramas restoration project

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  • 请问 29-01-2019 17:14


  • Regis 13-12-2017 18:41

    Muy agradecido!

  • Anonymous 30-04-2017 15:19

    < What I mean is I can download three or four episodes before I get a pop-up on the MEGA site saying I've exceeded my transfer limit for the day.

    As for subtitles, they are not hard-coded on all episodes.

    Thanks for your help.

  • xaxa 30-04-2017 12:20

    not sure what you mean. there are English hardsubs, and if something wrong with your download you can try different browser or device.

  • Anonymous 29-04-2017 12:56

    No subtitles and MEGA only lets you download 1 episode before it stops you downloading.

  • Anonymous 18-11-2016 20:23

    Ok, my bad perhaps. Get script error from "Mega" when using Internet Explorer.

    Works when using Firefox.


  • Anonymous 18-11-2016 20:15

    Not working as far I as can see. Get a Mega script error something

  • xaxa 17-11-2016 14:20

    in the post.

    see the tutorial on how to download

  • Anonymous 17-11-2016 12:43


  • Javi Navarro 06-11-2016 16:01

    Thanks so much for uploading and bring back to us this great serie. More than 30 years I don´t see again this serie. This is more than an action series, drama and plot about history and all subterfuges into the japanese court and governament is amazing and rarely seen before with such cruelty and realism. Cheers¡¡

  • xaxa 13-10-2016 18:06

    sorry, I don't have it

  • Mr. Han 13-10-2016 17:00

    привет XAXA

    можно было бы загрузить нетронутую DVD5 или DVD9 этот гениальный сериал?

  • Kage 29-07-2016 04:48

    Ein Dienst für die Menscheit!

  • anon 27-02-2016 07:38


    Thank you so much for the incredible collection on this site.

  • ani 05-10-2015 01:34

    Thx for such a rare drama I've never seen a classic shinobi type dorama before amazing and very rare!

  • eza 15-03-2015 03:16

    Thank you

  • Real 11-12-2014 13:24

    I can't download it anymore? Please check for any wrongs if it happens, please...

  • xaxa 20-08-2011 14:46

    All episodes except 1 and 9 have internal English softsubs. Try playing in VLC player.

  • rudy 20-08-2011 05:42

    please upload eng sub for all the eps,i really want to watch this. fan of sonny chiba.

    tnx u

  • shikamaru 07-05-2011 04:03

    Thank you very much! This series is amazing! The Iga's Ninjas are incredible!:lol:

    I want all seasons!!!:lol::lol: