Project "Restoration"

Rare and old doramas restoration project

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  • xaxa 02-02-2016 02:20

    there is a link above torrent link

  • sampo 01-02-2016 18:22

    Hi, would it be possible to upload this series to mega?

    The torrents are dead..

  • maeda 30-06-2013 19:18

    カーネーション (Carnation) 「全151話」 (第26週).mp4

  • xaxa 16-06-2013 17:19

    pps: I will probably get the rest of Churasan myself.

  • xaxa 16-06-2013 14:22

    oh, cool! I'll reupload new Oshin videos with English subtitles to Mega

    and I also have 42 episodes of Churasan 1 which I intend to upload. if you could upload the rest episodes (and dramas!)), that would be awesome!

    ps: and I also plan to reupload Agri

  • Anonymous 16-06-2013 08:00

    @xaxa: I have the following asadoras:

    Oshin (1983-1984) Audio: Japanese, Subtitle: Traditional Chinese

    Churasan (2001) [softsub]

    Churasan 2 (2003) [softsub]

    Teruteru Kazoku (2003) RAW (INCOMPLETE)

    Churasan 3 (2004) [softsub]

    Kaze no Haruka (2005) RAW

    Churasan 4 (2007) [softsub]

    Chiritotechin (2007) [RAW]

    Welkame (2009-2010) [RAW]

    Ohisama (2011) [softsub]

    Carnation (2011) [softsub]

    Umechan Sensei (2012) [RAW]

    Jun to Ai (2012) RAW

    Teppan (RAW).

    I'm trying to complete Hitomi myself, lower resolution, not 720p.

  • xaxa 11-06-2013 17:38

    It is very good, watching it right now. Ono Machiko is brilliant in it.

    Don't really like the war arc, but hope that it will end soon and the show will be less dramatic again.

  • Zorkaz 11-06-2013 14:36

    I'll give this a try :)

    Many thanks