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Zutto Anata ga Sukidatta [1992]

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Zutto Anata ga Sukidatta

Title: ずっとあなたが好きだった, Zutto Anata ga Sukidatta, I've Always Loved You

Genre: romance, drama

Episodes: 13.

Broadcast period: 1992-Jul-03 to 1992-Sep-25

Cast: Kaku Chikako, Fuse Hiroshi, Sano Shiro, Nogiwa Yoko


Video: mp4, h264.

There are only idx/sub Japanese subtitles. If you want to make srt from them or English subtitles, be my guest.

English translation project here (you need to join the community to see the links)

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  • Dr 12-11-2019 05:13

    Sub eng? pleas

  • Vest 18-08-2019 10:19

    The subtitle community is dead.

  • xaxa 27-08-2017 22:11

    I'm not sure, but I think you need to join this community to get English subtitles
  • Nana 27-08-2017 20:36

    I'm also waiting for the english subs ♥

  • Anonymous 23-08-2017 18:37

    too bad we couldn't find more of Chikako from 8090s , she is clearly the best

  • pf 18-06-2016 06:09

    Will this ever get subbed? Please... patiently waiting for a year now and no subs in sight. I'm a tv series fan from any nation and this one is on my top list to watch.

  • Anonymous 14-06-2014 11:26

    I've been looking for this drama a long long time! I watched this 20 years ago and just can't forget this drama. Thanks for uploading!

  • annie 08-03-2014 21:06

    thanks xara!!!:D

  • saigo_x 19-06-2013 21:04

    Reuploading to Mega. Will finish later today.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  • marianao 06-05-2012 18:22

    I can't download these files. So sad, they are off line.