Project "Restoration"

Rare and old doramas restoration project

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  • Saymon 17-10-2019 20:31

    Thank you, it worked.

    Sorry that i did not check the post beforehand.

  • xaxa 14-10-2019 23:55

    links work for me

    please read the first post on how to download from adfly if you have problems

  • Saymon 14-10-2019 22:46

    Can you please re upload it again

  • Genki 31-08-2018 23:03

    Where is it?

  • Sayaka 19-02-2013 05:20

    Is there any chance you might be able to re-upload this drama? Thanks in advance!!!

  • Anonym 01-09-2012 15:41

    anyone know where i can find the english subtitle for this series. I like it so much

  • Anonym 19-01-2012 07:36

    I've been searching for this series for ages!. Thank you so much


  • Max 26-05-2011 23:02

    Thanks! Nice drama.

  • Yamadakun 26-05-2011 22:56

    Thank you very much!