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Straight News | ストレートニュース [2000]

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Straight News | ストレートニュース 2000

Genre: Human drama

Episodes: 10

Broadcast period: from 2000-Oct-11 to 2000-Dec-31

Cast: Mikami Hiroshi, Harada Tomoyo, Otsuka Nene, Yonekura Ryoko, Kaneko Ken

Video: HQ DVDrip

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HQ DVDRip version

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  • Sam 02-07-2014 13:05

    Thanks for uploading this drama, been looking for it.

    Also just confirming for people who have slow internet like me, teh mediafire link for LQ version still works.

  • saigo_x 26-06-2013 21:47

    I've uploaded to Mega the RAW DVDRip that Avallac'h posted to D-addicts (‎) with his permission.

    @xaxa: Please don't delete the Mediafire link for the LQ AVI versions.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot! the link to TVrip is at the bottom of the post.

  • saigo_x 29-10-2012 23:28

    Reuploaded to Mediafire

  • saigo_x 25-09-2012 00:08

    I've reuploaded again.


  • saigo_x 16-02-2012 20:20

    I'm currently reuploading this series:!users|37202864-e70a4cf3496b854741ddffdbbd7bcfc5|2605

  • kaenzi 13-01-2012 10:23

    yay, another Mikami Hiroshi's ......

    big thanks