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SOIL | ソイル [2010]

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SOIL | ソイル (2010)

Genre: mistery

Episodes: 8

Broadcast: from 6 March 2010 to 24 April 2010

Cast: Mari Hoshino

Video: DVD-rip

Midnight mistery series broadcasted on WOWOW and directed by Takashi Shimizu (Juon). Based on a manga.


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  • drli 08-04-2015 16:44

    anyone has links? Thanks

  • flexibus 23-09-2012 15:32

    Hello! I am desperately looking for this drama and cannot find it anywhere!

    Somenone has a link or a tip?


  • xaxa 15-07-2012 02:53

    It was on d-addicts

    not sure about seeders now.

  • sh 15-07-2012 02:41

    The files are currently unavailable because the file-sharing site, Multiupload, is down.

    Is this series available anywhere else?

    Thank you!

  • xaxa 20-10-2011 02:16

    director's cut is just random scenes that were edited out. it's not necessary to watch them.

  • xaxa 14-10-2011 13:25

    Don't know, haven't seen it yet.

  • Rafael 14-10-2011 02:16

    What's with the Director's Cut? Is it that different from the 8th episode?