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Problems with links

Views: 1292Comments: 8 links became glitchy

If you're getting "Please Press Allow to Continue" page without a link, please try switching off adblock, simply wait while the page refreshes a few times, deny notifications a couple of times or bypass that with a "hack":

Ctrl+U (page source) > F3/Ctrl+F > search "decode" > get the link

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  • sarena 27-09-2020 08:22

    it not worked at all please replace with short than using adfly

  • xaxa 25-04-2020 16:11

    I know, but I can't reupload them since I don't have them. it looks like saigo_x's Mega accounts that stored them were deleted because of inactivity?

  • das 25-04-2020 12:40

    please, re upload many dramas , many links is dead

  • xaxa 20-03-2020 22:35

    try waiting while the page refreshes a few times or deny notifications a couple of times

  • Maria 20-03-2020 17:31

    Hack does not work, switched off adblock too. Only once I got decode, and the link still had #F throughout the mega link. How??

  • Lissa 28-08-2019 04:22

    Please, upload the series "Futatsu no Spica - 2009", without subs or with softsubs.

  • maikuemon 22-08-2019 17:35


  • Camila 17-08-2019 14:43

    Thank you