Project "Restoration"

Rare and old doramas restoration project

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  • delsxyz 25-08-2012 18:24

    Thanks. Found it at D-addicts.

  • xaxa 25-08-2012 13:54

    delsxyz, yeah, I'm planning to upload my files to 3 trackers: asiatorrents, d-addicts and FSS for greater coverage. but one after another, because torrent can't seed same files to different trackers simultaneously.

    already uploaded to d-addicts, check the link in the post.

    FSS became a little glitchy for me nowadays - I can't enter it most of the time (maybe my IP is banned, dunno), so I'll upload to it when I can.

  • delsxyz 25-08-2012 09:26

    How can I download torrent this time?

    Not authorized to download

    Tried to register, however, it says

    Invite only.

    No more FSSeedeers?

    No more d-addicts?

  • xaxa 24-08-2012 19:41

    oops, sorry, corrected

  • MetalKaiser 24-08-2012 14:48

    When I open the download link it takes me to Ooka Echizen 3 ep 1-10. Furthermore, the link says "Asiatorrents tracker" but it takes me to FSSeedeers. Is this correct?