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OK, guys, I think it's time for a new change or at least for a new try. The private tracker unfortunately didn't work out too, because majority of users simply wasn't seeding or even downloading in the first place and files were dying. I know that torrents are pain in the ass and no one wants to seed for a long period of time and worry about ratios, everyone wants their drama here and now. And cyberlockers are very unstable nowadays, so I don't think they are an option now... So I want to suggest a "new" idea - a seedbox, a private dedicated server used for the uploading and downloading of digital files via torrent.

That means that dramas will be stored on the server (as I don't have space for them) and will be seeded 24/7. You don't need to worry about the ratio, just grab what you want and leave the torrent. Sounds good, right?)) BUT! Seedboxes aren't free. I have to pay for it. And I don't think I want to))

So here is the idea. I rent a seedbox, make passworder torrents with dramas and if you want to download something, just make a 1$ donation for a movie and 2$ for a drama via paypal indicating your email and drama you want to download and I'll send you a password to that torrent. That's it. You download what you want and don't have to seed, files are stored, everyone's happy))

I know paying sucks and I always tried to avoid it, but maybe it's not so bad after all. No one wants to make voluntary donations, because no one wants to pay for others, but this way you'll pay only a small sum for yourself only when you need it. So, think about all pros and cons, comment and vote in poll.


Files will finally be stored "endlessly" (well, if the system works and we'll get enough funds).

Files are shared 24/7 365 days a year.

You don't have to seed anymore! Good option for those with slow connection and limited HDD space.

Those, who helped and supported the project, will get all files for free.


It costs money (a little for 1 person, but still)

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  • saigo_x 21-01-2013 22:53

    Has anyone tried the new Mega service yet? I read they were slammed after they opened to the public so I was going to wait a while to let things settle down.

  • Anonymous 06-01-2013 11:01

    do you have Love Shuffle in 720p?

  • Robert 28-11-2012 04:42

    Hi xaxa,

    I know you said you were going to wait until after the holidays to decide what you were going to do. But what seedbox hosts are you considering to use? And are you going to get a seedbox or a dedicated server and install bit torrent software on it? if you go the dedicated server option, I suggest checking out ovh. They have a "cheap" option that has 1 TB of space for 14.99 euro per month. The seedbox host I would suggest is They have a few reasonable plans.

  • saigo_x 20-11-2012 08:11

    There are sales this time of year on Usenet accounts. Looks like last week NewsgroupDirect had a 1.1 Terabyte block account for $40. Maybe more will pop up for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

    To get a general idea of somethings posted to Usenet you can check out this listing of alt.binaries.multimedia.japanese:

  • Albert 20-11-2012 01:59

    I've been looking around and i have found this:

    Very informative and with many providers to choose. Newsdemon for example: with many block accounts options.

    Time to change providers

  • Albert 19-11-2012 23:35

    I didn't know about block accounts. Astraweb offers 180GB for 25$ and 1TB for about 50$. That sure is convinient. Most interesting.

    Thanks for the info Saltine and saigo_x.

  • saigo_x 19-11-2012 19:50

    Good point Saltine. I forgot to mention block accounts for Usenet. In addition to the "unlimited" accounts that you pay for monthly you can also buy a "block" account that will give you say 500GB which you can download at any time. Most of the block accounts have no expiration date.

  • Saltine 19-11-2012 15:30

    Hello xaxa,

    I think that Usenet is a good option now. It's more simple than years ago.

    On old times you have to search the groups and the messages within the client, download the messages and decode them. There were also a lot of decoding problems.

    Today we can search the wanted title in a "search engine" (and they are plenty!), create the NZB file of the interested posts, load the NZB file in the Usenet downloader utility and start the d/l. The program will download, decode, combine the files automatically. You can even protect the post with passwords.

    Obviously people must use a good usenet provider.

    Yes, free servers are few. They are slow and unreliable on groups.

    Paying usenet providers are cheap enough now (consider that for 50$ you can get 1000GB of download traffic, without speed limit or expire date, with more than 1500 days of retention).

    It means that for more than 4 years I can get what's posted on usenet.

    Forget torrents or cyberlockers, they'll expire long before 8)

  • xaxa 19-11-2012 00:02


    hm, interesting. but the main problem with this idea is that it is hard to find so many active and responsible users. for this plan to work we need hundreds of volunteers. and I don't think there ever be so many. in every community it is always a small group, who is really active and who is willing to do something. the majority is simply "cheering from afar" (in the best case scenario, more frequently they just simply come and go when they need something). and I'm not just sayng it, I've seen it in every community. right now we have ~20 such active users at best.

  • Zorkaz 18-11-2012 23:25

    Isn't there another option? Torrents may seem to die easily but there's a reason for that:

    Let's say i'm seeding a certain "Series A". After a while i'm going to delete it from my harddrive, because I think someone else will take care of it.

    But what if someone would so free to seed one or two series over years and declare himself as permament seeder of "Series A". If you know you are the one responsible for the health of a certain torrent you wouldn't just delete it.

    A photoshopped example of what I mean:

  • xaxa 18-11-2012 21:48


    yeah, most probably we'll have to wait for a new Mega. no need to rush things now. Usenet would be a great option a year ago, right after devastation. the only thing that bothers me about new Mega is that it could repeat the fate of it's predecessor and we'll lose all data in a flash again((

  • anon 18-11-2012 13:08

    i think you should wait for the new megaupload to open. it will be opened in january i guess.. just saying:/

  • Albert 18-11-2012 09:47

    I think that using usenet as an storage place for the files is a good idea. And then, as xaxa says, we could torrent a few selected series each week or month and so on. The thing to decide is in which tracker(s) we will upload the stuff and how to organazie it.

    Regarding the cyberlockers if the new mega is anything like it's predecessor it shouldn't be any problem. But if not then i don't see any cyberlocker that adjust to our needs. And uploading stuff again and again can be tiresome.

    As i said i think the idea xaxa presents it's interesting and in my opinion is the best at hand.

  • xaxa 18-11-2012 03:07

    But on the other hand... The only thing we really need is a place for storing files. And it may probably be done with only one account for 10$ (or 25$ for easier downloads and re-uploads?) for me. The destribution could be managed by torrents or cyberlockers as Albert said. This account can even be shared by few active users, who are willing to make re-uploads or to seed? We could keep the list of available stuff here and make polls for next re-uploads. What do you think about that?

  • xaxa 18-11-2012 02:47

    Thanks for the info, guys!

    Usenet is an interesting idea, and I'll definitely look into it more, but now it seems a bit pricey. Because every person needs to pay 10-25$. If there'd be so many people, who wants to pay for downloads, we could afford a pretty good seedbox, like sx20 for example. But I don't see so many people, who are willing to pay even 1$)) I guess free Mega and torrents spoiled everyone))

    And it's not very flexible, I think. It could be advantageous, if user has large HDD and decides to download, say, 500 Gb for 25$ and then cancels his account for long period of time. But I think it's more likely that subscriptions will be continuos, every month. Because not everyone has such capacities for storing dramas and it is unknown when the drama you need will be uploaded. And there could be times when you pay 25$ for unlimited downloads, but download and watch only couple of dramas. Sure, it's great, that you can download not only dramas, but other stuff on this server, but still, not everyone needs it.

  • Albert 18-11-2012 01:27

    Asiausenet is still around and it's a great place to get stuff and there are several tutorials explaining how to use usenet.

    I see saigo_x point in the limited user pool but maybe we could combine usenet and torrent. The problem with the actual distribution it's that the torrents don't stay alive much time because there's not many demand and that's why the option of the private tracker system didn't work out. If i have to upload 5GB in order to download another 5 or 10, if no one is downloading what i'm seeding i'm stuck. That's the problem I see.

    If the new mega works like the old one there'll be no problems. But maybe we can use usenet as a back up archive? That way if cyberlockers go down the archives will be in usenet and the user could choose if he wants to pay to download it or not. And the big advantage is that everything uploaded there stays for more that 4 years, so with one month paying 20$ or 25$ you could get as many series or movies as you want.

  • saigo_x 17-11-2012 21:30

    I used Usenet years ago to download and upload doramas back in the day when many ISP's included Usenet access. It's a nice idea but I'm not sure people are willing to learn how to use another medium to download much less pay for premium access. The free servers are few and unreliable not to mention the very small article retention rates. It's definately a viable option but again would limit the user pool. Also I should add the creating a new newsgroup is not a simple process. You have to submit the request either to a server admin directly or post a request in a specific newsgroup and hope an admin sees it and adds it. There was (is?) a forum called Asianusenet that I used to frequent in those days, and they created a newsgroup so it's not that hard.

  • Albert 17-11-2012 05:20

    Hi Xaxa,

    All my comments will be based on my experience with giganews. I have been using it for more than 6 years and I have never had any problmem with it.

    There are many usenet providers. As RetroHelix said, if you want at least more than 30 day period retention you have to pay at least 10$. In giganews case for 10$ you get 1564 day retention (more than 4 years) but you only can download 10GB a month. If you pay 15$ you can download up to 50GB a month. And for 25$ a month you can download all that you want, no restrictions from 100GB to 100TB. One of the things that i like about using giganews as a usent provider is that it's flexible and i think it will adapt greatly to the situation at hand.

    For example, let's say that you upload all the Oooka Echizen on usenet. You could upload it to the existing japanesedrama group or create a raredorama group. Once you've finished uploading it you make a post on the blog saying that you've upload it. If a user that's only interested in Oooka Echizen knows that you have upload it on usenet he can choose which provider to use in order to download it. If it amounts to say 300GB the user will know that for 25$ he could download it maxing his connection. If the user is interested on more doramas or movies he can download it all in this one month. Then he cancels the account and that's it. If any series are uploaded in the future that's picks the user interest he could pay for just another month again.

    I'll try to summarize the pros and cons:

    + PROS

    - Uploaded files remains on server up to 4 years and up. (every year the capacity retention increases, well in giganews case that is.)

    - You max your connection (I max my 10MB connection but I don't know for sure if everyone would max theirs)

    - 256-bit SSL ecnryption.

    - Flexibility. You choose what to pay based on the amount of data you'll download. Once that is done you cancel your account.

    - Software to automatize the uploading and downloading of the files.

    - Indexing sites (where you find nbzd files that contain the headers that let you download what you're looking for. it's great and it's free.)

    - CONS

    - It costs money.

    - At first glance not as easy to use as cyberlockers or torrent.

    As i said before all my comments are based on my experience with the usenet provider giganews so there may be differences with others users experiences.

    Once you have choosen your provider you have to download a program that will handle the downloading and uploading for you. I use Grabit for downloading and Powerpost for uploading but there are a lot more to choose from. Here you have a nice guide: .

    I hope that helps you. If you have any question just ask.



  • RetroHelix 17-11-2012 03:20

    For a long binary retention you will have to pay at least 10$ a month. Every provider will limit your traffic or your downloadspeed for such a low price imo. Free services have no SSL and short binary retention and a speedlimit (if there are still free ones...). Even usent provider are deleting copyrighted material if the copyright holder asks for it.

    Finding files is done though indexing sites or by downloading the "mesageheader" from the usnetserver of your provider for every post. But I think nowadays most providers gives you a special client to search and download the files.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • xaxa 17-11-2012 00:34

    Hi, ALbert!

    The seedbox costs from 20$ a month and up, depending on the server capacity and speed.

    But according to results of the poll we can forget this idea))

    I've heard something about usenet earlier and now watched a tutorial on youtube and it looks promising. Could you describe in more details it's pros and cons? Like how exactly it operates? What are the benefits of paid server(?) and free? Are files really stored that long and can they be somehow "prolonged"? Is there a guarantee that files will be stored? What is the capacity of servers, etc.

    And yeah, now when seedboxes are out, I really hope that new Mega will save us))

    Thanks a lot for your help and suggestion!

  • ALbert 16-11-2012 21:49


    I think the seed box idea is great but as you say it costs money.I don't think many people would pay for every dorama or movie they want. If it was just a one time thing or a monthly fee to cover the cost of the seedbox i think it would be great. How much does it cost the seedbox ?

    Do you know of Usenet and Newsgroups? I use to download stuff and is quite useful. You max your connection and the files you upload remains on their server for more than 4 years. People coul upload their stuff there and download it whenever they want it. It costs money but people would choose if they pay or not.

    Of course nothing beats the easyness of cyberlockers but maybe the new mega will be okay?

    Anyway, Thank You for your effort. It's very aprecciated.


  • xaxa 15-11-2012 00:40


    nope, never heard of it. I'll check it out, but 10 Gb is kind of small even for many accounts. it's not convenient, when files are separated.

  • RetroHelix 14-11-2012 00:27

    Ever heard of streamload (or idrivesync now) anyone? Looks like you can share the files you uploaded to your streamloadaccount instantly (10 GB are free). I read about it here: Kinda like private filesharing. Does anyone know about a similar service?

    Would be an option too imho. Just create many idrives and share on request.

  • NI 13-11-2012 22:22

    Really? The dl speed is so fast I would have expected the upload to be better than that. At least it wasn't too hard to figure out it wouldn't be a good option. Anyway, thanks for always trying to find solutions so there are more dramas available!

  • xaxa 13-11-2012 18:56


    thanks for the suggestion! I'm trying to upload one episode right now, but the speed is simple horrible - only few Kb/s. it'll take 29 hours to upload 1 episode... I don't think it is usable, unfortunately(( but the idea is good, thanks!

  • NI 13-11-2012 02:50

    Youku is a quite different idea than what you have been doing, but I figured it was worth throwing out there because files do not seem to be getting deleted from there. Although it is a streaming site, they have an internal program to download the videos (there are also independent programs that work) which is fast and easy to use. I don't know how difficult it would be for you to maneuver to upload there and whether quality would be lost in the process (it is not a problem on the download end), but it might be an option to at least consider.

  • saigo_x 12-11-2012 09:14

    It sounds like an interesting idea, however I'm not sure there are enough people willing to pay to cover the costs of the seedbox every month. I agree that longevity should be the main concern and not wide distribution. I'll keep uploading to Mediafire in the meantime but something drastic needs to be done eventually.

  • btk1812 11-11-2012 22:24

    Dear Xaxa,

    I'm thrilled with the idea of being able to download the dramas I really want whenever I want. I love old dramas, but haven't downloaded anything from the private tracker in a long time. I've been worried about not being able to download dramas that were uploaded a while ago because of the whole seeding issue. So paying a small amount to download what a I like seems like a small price to pay.

  • Sigurd 11-11-2012 18:19


    Может быть я слишком сгустил краски, писал вчера ночью. :)

  • xaxa 11-11-2012 17:07


    честно говоря, это последнее, о чём бы я стал волноваться. этот сайт настолько маленький и незначительный, что каким-то организациям (и главное каким?) заниматься им совершенно "нерентабельно". я бы больше волновался на счёт технической части - как можно максимально сократить расходы и соответственно плату, чтобы можно было действительно хранить сериалы. думаю, что, скорее всего, идея просто заглохнет из-за малого количества желающих.


    hm, yeah, you are right about the part that uploads won't reach most people... yes, this is bad, I agree, because the main purpose of the project is to "spread love")) but I don't see the exit from this situation. for me the most crucial factor is that I want to store rare dramas. that they wouldn't die after cyberlocker is shut down or seeders left the torrent. if the files are stored I could upload and reupload them many times fulfilling requests etc.

    just spreading the files isn't enough. people just download and leave. where are those hundreds of people who dowloaded when re-seeding is needed? so maybe it's better to raise the quality not quantity? if people would pay for downloads, maybe then they will treasure those dramas more?

    if the seedbox idea is going to pass, I don't think revealing the links to all people after some time is a good idea. that way people simply won't pay and wait for that moment. that also wouldn't be fair for those who paid.

    btw, traffic isn't an issue with seedboxes, it is almost always unlimited. the main factor that affects the price of seedbox is HDD space and bandwidth speed.

  • RetroHelix 11-11-2012 13:42

    Yes, I would pay for a dramaupload if I really want the drama. But I don't like the idea that an upload would not reach enough people if they don't want to pay.

    I know cyberlockers aren't that reliable anymore but would it not be better to let the seedbox (just a storage server) upload to a cyberlocker (over ftp) instead directly (over torrent) to paid users only? Make a form to request uploads and any series/movie that was requested most would be uploaded (A monthly/weekly poll maybe?). To fund the seedbox any user who paid would be granted with an instant upload of his series and the link to it would be only revealed to him and after a month (or another timeperiod, depends on the cyberlocker) to everyone.

    This way traffic would be saved and a cheaper server could be rented. The question is, would someone pay for this?

  • Sigurd 11-11-2012 00:37

    Вероятнее всего соответствующей организацией это будет расценено как коммерческая деятельность со всеми вытекающими последствиями. :(

    Скользкий путь, на который лучше не вставать, тем более на таком открытом сайте.

    Хотя идея с сидбоксом не плохая.