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Mama wa Idol [1987]

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Mama wa Idol

Title: ママはアイドル, Mama wa Idol, Mama is an Idol

Episodes: 10 + special

Genre: Family drama

Broadcast period: 1987-Apr-14 to 1987-Jun-16

Cast: Nakayama Miho, Goto Kumiko, Mitamura Kunihiko, Fubuki Jun

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  • xaxa 19-01-2020 23:01

    Yeah, this drama is one of my favorites too.

  • Michael 19-01-2020 08:28

    Thank you so much for the upload.

    This was really good. A wonderful balance of comedy/drama, with some quirky little sight gags.

    For me, personally, I thought Jun Fubuki looked super cute and super hot ;-)

  • Michael 07-01-2020 19:19

    First two episodes in - this is a very funny show ;-)

  • xaxa 16-08-2019 14:23


  • Vest 15-08-2019 17:43

    Link to subtitles broken, please reload.

  • Titang 10-05-2018 16:29

    Thanks for this drama. I've been searching for years. Miho was stunning.

  • Shyon 07-04-2017 00:13

    Thanks for uploading this~ Nakayama Miho is stunning >.< This site is a blessing and much appreciated. Thank you