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Mahiru no Tsuki | 真昼の月 (1996)

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Mahiru no Tsuki | 真昼の月 (1996)

Titles in English: Mid-day Moon

Genre: drama, romance

Episodes: 12

Broadcast period: 1996-Jul-04 to 1996-Sep-19

Cast: Oda Yuji, Tokiwa Takako

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Video: 704x528, avi.

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  • haru 28-06-2017 06:16

    thank you

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  • xaxa 14-12-2015 14:01

    works for me. it's a common problem with Mega. try waiting or different browser.

  • Anonymous 14-12-2015 11:59

    Hello, I'm trying since yesterday to download the episode 10 of Mahiru no Tsuki but I can't. it's the only episode of this drama I have a trouble with. Each time on Mega it tells me "Temporary error, trying again". Is it coming from Mega or is there any broken link that can be fixed? Thank you.

  • Anonymous 31-07-2015 23:17

    thank you ^^