Project "Restoration"

Rare and old doramas restoration project

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  • xaxa 20-09-2015 15:36


  • Anonymous 20-09-2015 12:15

    Please re-upload this drama, if possible re-upload the subtitle as well. Thanks!

  • xaxa 06-01-2012 13:44

    Thanks a lot RetroHelix! Added subtitles to the post.

  • RetroHelix (listening to Morita Douji Tatoeba Boku ga Shindara) 05-01-2012 19:36

    I fixed the subtitles. The song from Eastern Youth or Morita Douji - Tatoeba Boku ga Shindara was not played in this version of the video at least not where the subtitles showed the lyrics for them (middle and not at the end). There was some ugly English song at the end...

    So I removed the lyrics from the subtitles and fixed the numerous time shifts (and one spelling error ^^).

    Let me know if it still off sync and ill correct it.

    Thanks for the up. It was a nice film.

  • xaxa 29-12-2011 15:50

    Too bad, it would be nice if someone synchronized them...

  • Mhayk 29-12-2011 08:02

    The english subtitle isn't synched with the film. There were some parts that were delayed, and some advanced than the speech.

  • GreGG 21-11-2011 16:47

    Morita Douji!!!!