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Age 35 Koishikute | Age 35 恋しくて [1996]

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Age 35 Koishikute | Age 35 恋しくて 1996

Title in English: I Miss Age 35

Genre: romance

Episodes: 11

Broadcast period: from 1996-Apr-18 to 1996-Jun-27

Cast: Nakai Kiichi, Tanaka Misako, Seto Asaka, Shiina Kippei, Mizuno Miki, Nishida Naomi, Kitamura Kazuo, Namase Katsuhisa

Video: MQ-HQ DVDrip (640x480, avi, divx)

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Thanks to saigo_x for the links!

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  • Adam 07-04-2018 03:57

    Never mind my last comment. I managed to combine the two parts.

  • Adam 07-04-2018 03:53

    7zip reports ep01.part2.rar as corrupted.

  • saigo_x 05-02-2014 08:57


    I meant that the files were downloaded from the torrent and that I was not sure if they were the same ones xaxa had posted previously. Thank you for verifying them though.

  • Keiko 04-02-2014 23:15

    Made a hash check of the files and they match the ones on D-A.

    Thank you for posting.

  • saigo_x 01-02-2014 04:04

    I downloaded these files from the torrent by Avallac'h on D-Addicts. I believe they are the same files. English subtitles:

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  • Sad Person 28-02-2012 06:00

    Some links are broken

  • Obasan 16-01-2012 05:25

    Thank you so much for this!!! I've been searching forever to find an upload of this drama, one of my absolute favorites!!

  • miwin 14-01-2012 22:26

    Thank you so much for uploading!!!!!