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Various specials, which aired before and after 7th season. Including "official" 11th special.

List of contents:

3 nen B gumi Kinpachi-sensei 11th SP - DVD-rip of "official" Special, which aired after 7th season.

Specials, links and descriptions mentioned below became available thanks to iJoel!

Season 7 Students Introduction SP - This SP contains introductions to the 30 new students in this season's class 3B, as well as footage from the shooting of the series.

Season 7 Pre-Graduation SP - This SP ran directly before the Series 7 Graduation episode on 2005.03.25, and looks back at 25 years of Kinpachi Sensei and the events in Series 7 that led up the the following Graduation.

Season 7 25th Anniversary SP (On 4 Sep 2004 TBS held a special 25th anniversary gala to commemorate 6 seasons of 3-nen B-Gumi Kinpachi Sensei, looking back at previous generations of 3B students and recapping the history of the series. After lots of laughter and many tears the gala ended with the presentation of the latest generation of 3Bs(Season 7).)


Ranbou [2006]

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らんぼう / Ranbou 2006 らんぼう 2 / Ranbou 2

Title: らんぼう / Ranbou

Genre: action, drama

Tanpatsu: 2 parts

Broadcast period: 2006-Jan-17 part 1, 2007-Feb-6

Cast: Sakaguchi Kenji, Aikawa Sho, Hara Sachie, Megumi, Morimoto Leo

Video: DVD-rip

With Japanese subtitles!

More info: *ttp://


Party wa Owatta / The Party is Over / パーティーは終わった

Title: パーティーは終わった / Party wa Owatta / The Party is Over

Genre: romance

Episodes: 5

Broadcast period: February 1, 2011

Cast: Naka Riisa, Koide Keisuke, Narimiya Hiroki, Takaoka Sosuke, Hayashi Kento, Nagayama Kento

Video: DVD-rip.

English subtitles.

Synopsis: “Party wa Owatta” is about a popular manga-ka, Toake (Naka), meeting five guys at a party, and she imagines “dream love stories” with the guys. There is a scene in which Naka dances with one of the “boyfriends”, Koide Keisuke, and she said, “He was just like a prince… celebrity aura was all around him.”