Welkame | ウェルかめ [2009]

Author: xaxa | Wednesday, 23 April 2014

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Welkame | ウェルかめ (2009)

Genre: asadora drama

Episodes: 15 (~15 min each)

Broadcast period: 2009-Sep-28 to 2010-Mar-27

Cast: Kurashina Kana

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Video: TVRip, avi, 704x396, 704x420.

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Thanks to Keiko1981 for providing the files.

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Comments: 8
  1. Thanks for sharing!

    But (w02,w03,w04,w14) can't extract...

  2. Thank you for this drama ... watched the first episodes and like it quite :)

    w02 w03 w04 do not unpack and in my case w13 also did not.

    Downloaded all twice to check if the error was local.

    w14 worked fine here.

  3. Sorry, (w02,w03,w04,w13) can't extract...(w14) is good...

  4. week : d-addicts / mega.co.nz

    02w : 948.46MB / 937.1MB

    03w : 991.33MB / 980.9MB

    04w : 969.93MB / 958.6MB

    13w : 600.61MB / 783.2MB

    078Fixed audio : 245.16MB / non

    Other numbers to match all

  5. reuploaded

  6. Booyah! thx!!!

  7. Is anybody else having trouble with the 133-138 & 139-144 files? The extract fine, but I cannot seem to read the files themselves.

  8. yeah, looks like it. reuploaded.

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