Shomuni Specials (subbed) [1998]

Author: xaxa | Monday, 11 April 2011

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Shomuni Specials

Title: ショムニ, Shomuni, Power Office Ladies

Genre: comedy

More info: *ttp://

Thanks to saigo_x for the links
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  1. Does anybody know where I can find subtitles for the Forever Special?

  2. I think they don't exist.

  3. Hi,

    Could someone be kind enough to reupload both these specials? I would be so, so grateful =) If it's not too much to ask, could you also e-mail me at: ezehelm at gmail once it's up? Thanks ;)

    - Malaysian Shomuni fan

  4. I've reuploaded xaxa's 640x480 rip of Shinshun Special (SP2) and also the DVDRip of Forever Special (SP3) uploaded by Avallac'h on D-Addicts( I'll look for SP1 later.

  5. Well, can you pls explain how to download using this site. I try but it need some sort of description key, may I know where to get it??? confuse @_@

  6. join with the hash links below

  7. Dang.. (_ _!) why did the downloading stop at 4%. Is there any problem with server? I've registered, n I've followed the given steps (put the #link in the right place) but the downloader just stop there. I keep on refresh n repeat..same thing happened. Anyone can help??? or better, could you pls upload somewhere else. Thanks.

  8. @Anonymous

    You are the first person to report a problem with this upload. Which file are you having problems with? If you are using Chrome, try erasing the local storage data for Mega. See this post:

    I could reuplaod to Mediafire but that'll take a few days.

  9. Thank you so much for these specials! I love SHOMUNI I had been looking for these like... forever. Now I just gotta look for the subbs.

    Thanks a bunch!

  10. hi..i love this movie/drama soooo much....can anyone help me where can I find for these three movies? I really need the english subtitle...pleaseeee...

  11. @HBee

    Only SP2/Shinshun/Spring Special was subtitled:

    Hopefully the renewed interest due to the release of the new series will lead to subtitles for the other SP's.

  12. hi, just wanna ask, if it is possible, can I share this SPs at torrent websites?

  13. @matsusayuri

    The Forever Special (SP3) torrent was uploaded by Avallac'h on D-Addicts(

    The Shinshun Special (SP2) is xaxa's upload so you will have to ask him.

    If you want to upload the SP1 file I uploaded then please give the proper credit or at least a referrence to this site.

  14. @saigo_x

    ok...thanks for the approval for SP1

  15. Arigatou Gozaimashita.

  16. Hello,

    For your ENJOYMENT!

    Forever Shomuni ~

  17. Hello,

    For your ENJOYMENT!

    Forever Shomuni ~

  18. I would avoid that site. It's just your typical shaddy page offering streaming videos that's filled with ads and adware/malware auto-downloads.

  19. English Subs for the Shomuni Forever Special are now available from D-Addicts

  20. thanks, added

  21. hello. i was wondering if the sub for sp1 is now available somewhere? this is the only page i found with coherent listing of all the specials' links and i'd like to know if i'm not looking at the right place for the source of the sub. thank you for the help.

  22. not that I know of

  23. hi guys..where i can find english subtitle for shomuni special 1..Thanx!

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