Pink Lady no Katsudou Dai Shashin [1978]

Author: xaxa | Thursday, 23 June 2011

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ピンクレディーの活動大写真 / Pink Lady no Katsudou DaiShashin

Title: ピンク・レディーの活動大写真 / Pink Lady no Katsudou Dai Shashin / Pink Lady's Great Motion Picture

Movies: 1

Release date: 16-Dec-1978

Cast: Tanaka Ken, Tanaka Kunie, Pink Lady, Ishidate Tetsuo


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  1. Good day Xaxa.

    Is this a movie or a documentary?

  2. Hi, Joel!

    No, it's not documentary. It is a motion picture with plot, but with lots of scenes with them singing and dancing. Added a link to synopsis.

  3. Xaxa,

    Thanks about the explanation. I'll download this soon.

  4. I see you grabbed my rip i put up on KMC a couple weeks ago...

  5. Yep, you said you don't mind, so...

  6. it's nothing.. just surprised.

  7. None of the links work :-(

  8. multiupload is down right now. Can you please upload this to another website?

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