Another contribution from saigo_x and anohianotoki.

Not sure about all correct info, but it's a mistery specials from 2000's.

Asou Yumi, Saito Keiko, Mizuno Maki, and Asano Yuko are some of the stars.

The resolution is about 632x480, recorded from TV to VHS tape at EP speed.
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  1. These are mystery drama specials that were uploaded to D-Addicts by anohianotoki. They are from "around the year 2000" and are converted from VHS. They are RAW and there are no subtitles available. All credit goes to anohianotoki, I've only uploaded them to Mediafire for DDL. These are the original posts:

  2. Batch 2

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  3. I changed the filenames to the romaji to avoid Mediafire's overzealous filters. I only found English info for Aiken ga Abaku Furin Sanjuso here: (they list it as "Aiken ga abaku furin shijuso").

  4. Batch 3

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  5. thanks a lot!!

  6. Yuko Asano Series



    Tozasareta Ryoken




    "Cinderella Time Forever!"


    Kesshi no Jugyo Sankan no Maki!Hck1USQS!ATuEkrQY9nciketZgfarD0ORY7mKPLDahOiiSaR6oCM


    Okiraku The Adventure 2

    お気らく主婦の大冒険2 豪華クリスマスリゾート殺人事件

    Okiraku Shufu no Daibouken 2 Gouka Christmas Resort Satsujin Jiken




    Okiraku Shufu no Daibouken 3

    北海道 豪華スキー湯けむりツアー殺人事件

    Hokkaido - Gouka Ski Yukemuri Tour Satsujin Jiken


  7. Perfect.Crime.2000.kuts.mkv


    2000 Nen no Kanzen Hanzai ni Idomu Futari no Onna


    Mishiranu Otoko no Tsuma ni Sareta Kurumaisu no Watashi...


  8. Hmm, I never did get around to posting the rest of the specials anohianotoki posted. Thanks for uploading more of them annie.

  9. Thank you. I really like old mysteries. Is it possible to reupload the files posted by annie? Except "Xmas Resort Case" and "Ski Tour Murder" they're all dead. saigo_x, if you have any more of these, I'd love to see them too. :)

  10. btw, those videos are posted here

    but yeah, some links are dead and I don't have the files to re-upload.

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