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Kage no Gundan 1 (subbed) [1980]

Author: xaxa | Monday, 11 April 2011

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Kage no Gundan 1

Title: 影の軍団, Kage no Gundan, Shadow Warriors

Genre: jidaigeki, ninja

Episodes: 27

Broadcast period: April 1, 1980 – September 30, 1980

Cast: Sonny Chiba

This is the first season of the Shadow Warriors series with Sonny Chiba.

English hardsub.

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Comments: 10
  1. Thank you very much! This series is amazing! The Iga's Ninjas are incredible!:lol:

    I want all seasons!!!:lol::lol:

  2. please upload eng sub for all the eps,i really want to watch this. fan of sonny chiba.

    tnx u

  3. All episodes except 1 and 9 have internal English softsubs. Try playing in VLC player.

  4. I can't download it anymore? Please check for any wrongs if it happens, please...

  5. Thank you

  6. Thx for such a rare drama I've never seen a classic shinobi type dorama before amazing and very rare!

  7. xaxa,

    Thank you so much for the incredible collection on this site.

  8. Ein Dienst für die Menscheit!

  9. привет XAXA

    можно было бы загрузить нетронутую DVD5 или DVD9 этот гениальный сериал?

  10. sorry, I don't have it

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