Ie Naki Ko [1994]

Author: xaxa | Wednesday, 17 August 2011

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Ie Naki Ko | 家なき子 1994

Title: Ie Naki Ko | Child Without a Home | 家なき子

Genre: drama

Episodes: 12

Broadcast: from 1994-Apr-16 to 1994-Jul-02

Cast: Adachi Yumi, Koyanagi Rumiko, Hosaka Naoki, Mizuno Maki

Video: VHS-rip

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  1. Wow, you were quite fast to re-post this! Still in progress of uploading at D-A.

  2. haha, yep)) got it from kmc, thanks a lot as usual. I hope you don't mind.

    started to watch it, because the plot sounded interesting and found out that the 2nd episode is corrupt in the middle((

  3. do you have english sub for this? really2 thanks for the uploads

  4. no

  5. Do you have season 2?

  6. I'll try to upload it later.

  7. Thanks for uploading this. I've been looking for this drama for 10 years

  8. Sorry for late reply. No, I'm completely OK with it. Your blog is a wonderful source for back-up purposes. Once the torrents die down I can always refer leechers here instead. Yeah, a shame about ep02. Others were fine though.

    So, you have season 2? Is it the mpg files found on Clubbox?

  9. Yeah, that's one of the reasons why im running this site - to be able to back-up and store files, which will never fit to my tiny HDD))

    Yes, season 2 is from clubbox. But I have to admit I haven't downloaded it yet - too much other stuff to handle ^^;

  10. I see. Me neither. Wonder how the quality of that Clubbox mpg raw is like. I have a few episodes of season 2. They are avi format 480x360. Lower resolution but quality wise better than season 1.

    Tomorrow I will download an episode from Clubbox to compare.

  11. Is it possible just to have the link? Multiupload isn't working anymore.. :(

  12. Can any 1 re-upload this?the links are not working..Many thanks :)

  13. hi same as above, kindly please re-upload this dorama..

    Thank you! :))

  14. i cant find english subtitles for this drama, can anyone tell me where to download it

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