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Half Potato na Oretachi [1985]

Author: xaxa | Tuesday, 12 April 2011

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Half Potato na Oretachi

Title: ハーフポテトな俺たち, Half Potato na Oretachi

Genre: romance, comedy

Episodes: 12

Broadcast period: 9.10-25.12.1985

Cast: Nakayama Hideyuki, Yue Takeyuki, Kousaka Miyuki, Yunagisawa Shingo

Thanks to saigo_x for the links.

01.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

01.part2.rar (222.7 MB)

02.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

02.part2.rar (223.3 MB)

03.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

03.part2.rar (222.7 MB)

04.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

04.part2.rar (220.5 MB)

05.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

05.part2.rar (222.4 MB)

06.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

06.part2.rar (223.5 MB)

07.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

07.part2.rar (222.2 MB)

08.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

08.part2.rar (224.3 MB)

09.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

09.part2.rar (222.8 MB)

10.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

10.part2.rar (225.0 MB)

11.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

11.part2.rar (224.2 MB)

12.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

12.part2.rar (207.1 MB)
Comments: 4
  1. Reuploaded to Mega. Will finish tomorrow.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you for re-uploading. There seems to be a problem with ep08-12 links tho, no matter when and how many times I try they all stall in the 6~7% range. I wonder why that is. Episode 1 through 7 were fine. Could someone confirm if this is the case or is this a problem on my end only?

  3. Please disregard my previous comment. It has somehow fix'd itself and now is properly downloading again. Thanks again for a great upload!

  4. @Zemus

    Yeah Mega has been acting weird lately. Somedays I can upload fine and others an upload will stall at 80% and then restart. One time the percentage complete actually went down(wtf?).

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