Boku no Aneki wa Pilot! | ぼくの姉キはパイロット! [1987]

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Boku no Aneki wa Pilot! | ぼくの姉キはパイロット! (1987)

Title in English: My older sister is a pilot!

Genre: comedy

Episodes: 6

Broadcast period: 1987-Aug-18 to 1987-Sep-22

Cast: Asano Atsuko, Narita Shouji, Maeda Kouyou, Takahashi Kazuya, Okamoto Kenichi

Video: TVRip(VHS), 720x540, mkv

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  1. Wow, rare is it not? I certainly didn't expect to see this one up here. You keep bringing us these Asano Atsuko dramas. Seriously, thank you very much!!! *is filled with gratitude*

  2. where's the DL links? Is it me or can't just see it....

  3. Ah, got it! Thanks!

  4. hello how can i download?i didnt see links.please help me

  5. WOW!! Thanks a million! never thought i'd see this one online ever.

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