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Asu no Hikari wo Tsukame 2 | 明日の光をつかめ 2 (2011)

Author: xaxa | Friday, 27 March 2015

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Asu no Hikari wo Tsukame 2 | 明日の光をつかめ 2 (2011)

Title in English: Seize the Light of Tomorrow

Genre: noon drama (hirudora)

Episodes: 45

Broadcast period: 2011-Jul-04 to 2011-Sep-02

Cast: Kojima Fujiko, Matsushita Yuya

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Video: 702x480, mp4.

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Comments: 6
  1. jonathan desu | 2015-10-05 в 06:42:15

    Story was interesting and it kinda get me into realization that in everything there are circumstances of our actions. Hope to see more shows like these. BTW, where's season 1? Please provide a link for that. I loved it.

  2. hello, i can't connect to adf.ly

    it gives blank page and every time i refresh there's only page with "wait for 5 seconds and click continue" .

    after i click continue, it always return to blank page.

  3. try different browser or/and switch off ad block

  4. still stuck.

    maybe if you could provide another shorten links, beside adl.fy?

    like shorte.st or something else please.

  5. you better figure out how to download from adfly, I won't convert links every time.

    01 https://mega.nz/#!elQkFaaA!gUZ13hSYIhleLu0IZSNlvMjTHU5QBSV9dhgoYj28vp0

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  6. Ok. I will.

    Thanks a lot.

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