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Ai to Iu Nano Moto ni [1992]

Author: xaxa | Sunday, 5 June 2011

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愛という名のもとに / Ai to iu Nano Moto ni 1992

Title: 愛という名のもとに / Ai to iu Nano Moto ni / In the Name of Love

Genre: Human drama, romance

Episodes: 12

Broadcast period: 1992-Jan-09 to 1992-Mar-26

Cast: Suzuki Honami, Karasawa Toshiaki, Eguchi Yosuke, Ishibashi Tamotsu, Doguchi Yoriko, Nakajima Hiromi, Nakano Hideo. Fukatsu Eri

Screenwriter: Nojima Shinji


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Thanks to saigo_x for the links and to Keiko1981 for uploading to D-Addicts.

ep01 (720x480p XviD).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep01 (720x480p XviD).part2.rar 165.1 MB

ep02 (720x480p XviD).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep02 (720x480p XviD).part2.rar 169.8 MB

ep03 (720x480p XviD).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep03 (720x480p XviD).part2.rar 170.9 MB

ep04 (720x480p XviD).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep04 (720x480p XviD).part2.rar 155.5 MB

ep05 (720x480p XviD).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep05 (720x480p XviD).part2.rar 177.7 MB

ep06 (720x480p XviD).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep06 (720x480p XviD).part2.rar 141.2 MB

ep07 (720x480p XviD).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep07 (720x480p XviD).part2.rar 162.7 MB

ep08 (720x480p XviD).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep08 (720x480p XviD).part2.rar 163.1 MB

ep09 (720x480p XviD).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep09 (720x480p XviD).part2.rar 166.2 MB

ep10 (720x480p XviD).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep10 (720x480p XviD).part2.rar 174.2 MB

ep11 (720x480p XviD).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep11 (720x480p XviD).part2.rar 146.1 MB

ep12 end (720x480p XviD).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep12 end (720x480p XviD).part2.rar 291.3 MB

Episodes 7-9 are missing!



Comments: 15
  1. спасибо большое! отличная вещь и смотрится на одном дыхании.

  2. Оу, щщщ... какие люди!)) Не за что))

  3. ep7-9の補完


  4. I was thinking of reuploading the files from the torrent Keiko1981 posted on D-addicts (, however I'm holding off for now since ZemusDS might post a new DVDRip.

  5. レスありがとございます


  6. Go ahead, saigo. Don't think I will post a new rip. There are some glitches (corrupt parts) in some of the episodes so.

  7. @Zemus

    Ah, ok. Sorry to hear about the problems.

    I'll probably upload the files to Mega this weekend.

  8. These should be the original files that xaxa uploaded. Thanks to Keiko1981 for uploading them to D-Addicts. (combine this with the hash links below)

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  9. ありがとございました

  10. where is the sub?

  11. There aren't any.

  12. Thanks for uploading this drama. Yosuke Eguchi is my fave actor and i always look forward to watch his old works. However, there's something wrong with ep 2. Both files are corrupted. I tried downloading the second time and it was still the same.

  13. Aida

    downloaded and extracted fine for me.

  14. links are broken and i can't find this anywhere

  15. tried one link - it wasn't broken.

    see tutorial on how to download here

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