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Metal Macbeth

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Metal Macbeth | メタルマクベス 2006

Genre: stage play, comedy, drama, musical

Broadcast: May 5 - July 4, 2006

Cast: Matsu Takako, Uchino Masaaki, Moriyama Mirai

Screenwriter: Kankuro Kudo

Video: DVDrip + bonus (720x400, Xvid, avi)

Scenario writer Kankuro Kudo has adapted "Macbeth" into "Metal Macbeth" played by the Shinkansen theater group. Matsu and Uchino play a married couple where they have a kissing scene while Moriyama shows off his dancing skills during the tap dance segment. In addition, Matsu will sing 2 solo songs and 2 duets with Uchino among the 19 songs to be performed within this play.