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Mio Tsukushi | 澪つくし (1985)

Genre: drama, asadora

Episodes: 162 (~15 min each)

Broadcast period: 1985-Apr-01 to 1985-Oct-05

Cast: Sawaguchi Yasuko, Sakurada Junko

Video: MQ TVrip, 480x360, rmvb, Chinese hardsub.

Note! There are only 54 files, but all episodes should be in place. Each of 9 archives contains 6 files and each file contains 3 episodes, so 9 x 6 x 3 = 162 episodes.

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Abunai Deka | 危ない刑事 (1986)

Title in English: Dangerous Cops / Dangerous Detectives

Genre: action, comedy

Episodes: 51

Broadcast period: 1986-Oct-5 to 1987-Sept27

Cast: Tachi Hiroshi, Shibata Kyohei, Nakamura Toru, Asano Atsuko

Video: DVDrip, 640x480, mp4, ~350 Mb per episode.

Unfortunately 7th and 10th DVDs were corrupted so episodes 27-31 and 44-47 are of different, but also good quality (DVDrip, 640x480, mkv, ~600 Mb per episode).

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