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Yanusu no Kagami | ヤヌスの鏡 [1985]

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Yanusu no Kagami | ヤヌスの鏡 1985

Title in English: Janus's Mirror

Genre: Action, drama

Episodes: 18

Broadcast period: 04 Dec, 1985 - 06 Apr, 1986

Cast: Sugiura Miyuki, Takeuchi Riki, Yamashita Shinji

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  • marcus 20-09-2019 07:13


  • chip 07-02-2017 21:11

    Thanks a lot!

  • a guest 21-02-2013 20:35

    thank you for this rare gem.

  • soramimi 22-01-2013 18:53


  • Takayan 18-09-2012 09:57

    I'm only 4 episodes into it, but oh man, this drama really kicks ass! It has a lot of stuff going on for it, including some top-tier recognizable actors of the time.

    Seeing the guy who played Nishiwaki on Sukeban Deka II, and the old lady who did the narration for most every other Japanese drama back then was a nice surprise.

    And of course Miyuki Sugiura was just oh so unbelievable cute when she was young. She didn't aged that well tough...

    By the way - episode 1 unfortunately has a lot of image corruption. If someone has a better version, please upload it.

  • saigo_x 18-09-2012 00:24


    Yes I downloaded them from WinMX a while back. I have a bunch of things I got from there but most are mixed resolutions and such like Yanusu no Kagami. Because of that and the fact WinMX did not have a reliable file verification system means I usually don't share them.

  • MetalKaiser 17-09-2012 13:51


  • keiko1981 16-09-2012 01:29

    Thank you very much saigo_x and xaxa. :)

  • Daisukiman 15-09-2012 23:36

    Huge thanks for this. 80's action dramas are some of the best ever produced.

    I do hope for higher quality files to be found in the future, but in the meantime this is excellent.

    Thanks again.

  • Anonym 15-09-2012 18:47

    I presume it's from the WinMX network then? My files are the same as you mentioned, mixed resolutions. Sucks how WinMX got attacked awhile back. Haven't been able to use that program ever since. It's a shame really.

  • saigo_x 15-09-2012 18:07

    As I mentioned when it was requested, this is a mash-up of resolutions (336x256, 352x240, 413x312, 480x360, etc). Also I accidentally named them "Yanasu no Kagami" and didn't realize until I'd already uploaded the first 16 episodes. I'll leave it to the downloaders to rename to "Yanusu".

  • Zemus 15-09-2012 13:59

    This drama is awesome. Watched it some years ago. :)