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WILD 7 [1972]

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WILD7 | Wild Seven | ワイルド7 (1972)

Title: WILD 7 | Wild Seven | ワイルド7

Genre: drama

Episodes: action, crime, live-action

Broadcast: from October 9, 1972 – March 26, 1973

Cast: Kawazu Yusuke, Ono Shinya, Tezuka Shigeo, Nagai Masaharu, Sasamoto Akira

Video: DVD-rip

Wild 7 is a live-action series based on a manga released in 1969 by creator Mikiya Mochizuki.

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  • jfuruk 19-06-2020 09:57

    Episode 19 and Episode 21 are now coming out corrupt. Can someone fix them please?

  • Eddy Madison 29-11-2019 04:19

    The show ended to soon back in the 70s due to the concern of violence. I also wish it was subbed because Wild 7 is a badass show

  • castorrie 13-10-2019 20:34

    Just to say that there's maybe something wrong with the file 12-2 and 22-1. Any chance for a repair? Thank you very much for the upload anyway.

  • saigo_x 24-03-2016 21:47


    Yeah it looks like part 1 of episode 19 is corrupt. If you have WinRAR you can use the "Repair archive" option to fix it. If not then give me a few days to reupload it.

  • sr5 17-03-2016 23:21

    Episode 19 seems to be corrupted. Can you please re upload? (I know this post is like 4 years old but still)

  • saigo_x 24-08-2012 05:16

    I finished reuploading to Mediafire. Use the new x0403aokardxr link.

  • saigo_x 23-08-2012 03:46

    Ok, let's try this one last time. I've reuploaded episodes 1-13 and I'll finish the rest in a few days.


  • saigo_x 16-08-2012 08:37

    Hmm, it would help if I actually posted the link hehe.

  • saigo_x 16-08-2012 05:04

    I'm almost done reuploading this to Mediafire. Episodes 1-20 are available for download. Please let me know of any corrupt archives even if you are able to repair them with WinRAR.

  • Wild 6.5 04-08-2012 01:20

    Hi, it looks like none of the links work now. It just redirects to a website called "the internet vs hollywood". :\

    Thanks for putting them up though.

  • xaxa 25-04-2012 00:45


  • gaga 24-04-2012 12:07

    Do you have wild 7 (2011)..?? thx

  • xaxa 04-09-2011 13:42

    Thanks for informing me, re-uploaded.

  • Аноним 04-09-2011 01:44

    Multiupload links for 09.part1.rar, 09.part2.rar, 09.part3.rar, 09.part4.rar do not work. Please reupload them.