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Uwasa no Keiji Tommy to Matsu [1979] Episodes 1-22

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Uwasa no Keiji Tommy to Matsu | 噂の刑事トミーとマツ 1979

Title: Uwasa no Keiji Tommy to Matsu | 噂の刑事トミーとマツ

Genre: action, comedy

Episodes: 65 (1st season)

Broadcast: from 17-Oct-1979 to 25-Mar-1981

Cast: Tomiyuki Kunihiro, Shigeru Matsuzaki, Tetsuo Ishidate, Ryuzo Hayashi, Hisashi Ikawa, Etsuko Shihomi.

Video: DVDrip of 1st DVD box

The gag-filled buddy cop show.


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  • Zemus 04-03-2017 11:24

    The D-Addicts torrents are gone yes, but there's a '-DA rescue db-' where you can find the infohash for almost all torrents released (this series included). Anyway, thanks xaxa. My bad for not grabbing the files when they were available.

  • xaxa 04-03-2017 00:25

    yep, I don't have it anymore.

    d-addicts doesn't have tracker anymore, all torrents are gone.

  • Zemus 03-03-2017 23:33

    I suppose you no longer have a copy of this around? Maybe I should attempt to ask for reseed at D-Addicts. I would buy the DVD box but I find it a bit ripoff with so many episodes of the series missing.

  • Anonymous 26-03-2014 16:50

    Would love to see this re-uploaded.

  • wansuke 27-01-2014 08:10

    Hello xaxa!

    Could you connect the link again?