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Tsumiki Kuzushi | 積木くずし (1983)

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Tsumiki Kuzushi | 積木くずし (1983)

Genre: drama

Episodes: 7

Broadcast period: 1983-Feb-15 to 1983-Mar-29

Cast: Takabe Tomoko, Maeda Gin

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Video: 512x384, mp4.

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  • RetroHelix 17-05-2015 13:47

    Thank you very much jdraclct.

  • zeldaminor 20-04-2015 23:34

    Thanks so much! Lots of great updates!

  • Anonymous 19-04-2015 17:04

    I love 70's-80's Japanese drama ^^ Thank you so much

  • Zemus 18-04-2015 22:11

    I only just realized that this is the drama that has the highest rating for a single episode. If we don't take NHK Asadora or Taiga into the count. Last episode 45.3% (Kanto).

  • Zemus 18-04-2015 17:00

    Thank you so much, jdraclct.