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Tonbo | とんぼ [1988]

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Tonbo 1988

Title in English: Dragonfly

Genre: drama

Episodes: 8 + special and movie

Broadcast period: from 1988-Oct-07 to 1988-Nov-25

Cast: Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi, Aikawa Sho, Sendo Nobuko, Akiyoshi Kumiko, Susumu Terajima

A drama about yakuzas with Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi and Aikawa Sho.

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Thanks to saigo_x for the links!

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  • dokidokisukinohongo 19-12-2014 16:08

    Thanks a lot, saigo_x.

    Great Job!!

  • Jun Lee 08-03-2013 05:10

    Thank You!

    this is a rarity, thank you so much

  • Anonym 18-09-2012 18:48

    Thanks a lot, saigo_x.

    Great Job!!

  • saigo_x 11-09-2012 00:43

    I've reuploaded all the episodes, the SP, and the movie.


  • saigo_x 08-09-2012 21:50


    I'll try and reupload it later today.

  • xaxa 08-09-2012 16:00

    you can't the links are dead a long time ago.

  • SeanDub 08-09-2012 07:24

    I cannot access your fileserve links. Fileserve recently made it so that only the original uploader can download files. How can I download these files? My coworker has been looking for this series since it aired. Thank you.

  • saigo_x 19-02-2012 08:50

    I reuploaded the Special to my Rapidshare account.

  • saigo_x 07-02-2012 23:56

    Working Links Ep 01 (320x240 WMV8).avi Ep 02 (320x240 WMV8).avi Ep 03 (320x240 WMV8).avi Ep 04 (320x240 WMV8).avi Ep 05 (320x240 WMV8).avi Ep 06 (320x240 WMV8).avi Ep 07 (320x240 WMV8).avi Ep 08 (320x240 WMV8).avi Movie (720x480 DivX501).part1.rar Movie (720x480 DivX501).part2.rar Movie (720x480 DivX501).part3.rar Movie (720x480 DivX501).part4.rar Movie (720x480 DivX501).part5.rar