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Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo | 時をかける少女 [1994]

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Toki wo Kakeru Shojo | 時をかける少女 1994

Genre: romance, drama, school

Episodes: 5

Broadcast period: 1994-Feb-19 to 1994-Mar-19

Cast: Uchida Yuki, Hakamada Yoshihiko, Amuro Namie, Kanno Miho

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Episodes 1-2 and 5 are 512x384 Divx 5.2.1 and appear to be TV captures. Episodes 3-4 are 74x480 Divx 5.0.2 and are most likely VHSrips judging from the scan lines at the bottom of the screen. These two episodes also have the TV commercials included. The quality ranges from B- to C, with episodes 3-4 being lower quality even though they have the higher resolution.

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  • saigo_x 04-06-2013 21:09

    Hmm, Osaka-ben. Anyone want to let ナニワの商人 know you don't have to pay to download? I could barely make out what he said hehe.

  • ナニワの商人 04-06-2013 02:23


  • xaxa 02-06-2013 18:11

    endimion, I want to request it too))

    saigo_x, thanks a lot!

  • saigo_x 01-06-2013 20:42

    Bleh, stupid Mega didn't upload part 1 for some reason. It's been giving me problems lately.

    Toki o Kakeru Shojo 01.part1.rar (300.0 MB)


  • endimion 01-06-2013 16:06

    admin...i want request J-Drama Series MOERO ATTACK....

  • xaxa 01-06-2013 14:56

    oh, you are right. I think saigo will add it later.

  • Anonymous 01-06-2013 14:50

    how about episode01.part1...where?