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Teruteru Kazoku | てるてる家族 [2003]

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Teruteru Kazoku | てるてる家族 (2003)

Genre: Asadora drama, human drama

Episodes: 150 (~15 min each)

Broadcast period: 2003-Sep-29 to 2004-Mar-27

Cast: Ishihara Satomi, Ueno Juri, Nishikido Ryo

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Video: TVRip, avi, 640x480.

Note: episodes 13, 25, 37, 109 are partial!

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Thanks to Keiko1981 for providing the files.

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  • Spic N Span 12-02-2020 06:35

    Hello the missing episodes of week 20 and 22 are no longer available. The link works, but not the links. I think this a global problem. Thank you.

  • shin 09-11-2019 06:20

    thank you!

  • Sentinel20 07-05-2017 16:43

    Hi, was closed by owner. Keiko1981 I know that you were uploading/seeding from week 1 to week 21. Please tell me where you will upload week 22 to 25. Thank you

  • Magboro 10-06-2016 17:33

    Jfyi A 720p release of this drama is being posted on, 1 week worth at at time.

    8 weeks so far.

    See :

  • xaxa 25-01-2016 14:51

    please send it via contact form. thanks in advance

  • Anonymous 25-01-2016 08:31

    I Have 115-120, 127-132.

    If you reply your Email, I will send you

  • Anonymous 04-12-2014 02:11

    Muchisimas graciaaaaaaaaaas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • xaxa 25-04-2014 13:23


    hm, i don't know, these are Keiko's archives. I never had problems with rars before, but now I mostly zip anyway.

  • saigo_x 25-04-2014 05:11


    Are you guys adding recovery record to your RAR's? Adding as little as 2-3% recovery records to the archives will solve most corruption problems.

  • shingo 25-04-2014 01:11

    You are the best ... thanks :)

  • xaxa 24-04-2014 20:09


  • zenzen 24-04-2014 07:50

    Keiko1981, thanks for the great upload!

    And, yes, I can also confirm that t071-080, t091-100 andt141-150end archives are corrupted and can`t be extracted/repaired.

  • shingo 24-04-2014 05:48

    Thanks for the upload :)

    unfortunately the files (t071-080,t091-100,t141-150end)

    as stated above are corrupted and do not unpack.

    I downloaded several times to check if there were other errors but it can only be the rar files.

  • keiko1981 22-04-2014 20:22

    @ecojam: What do you mean with bad?

    If you have trouble downloading from Mega, and get the message "Temporary error, retrying..."

    Try to download them at a later time from Mega. Or download the missing episodes from D-Addicts.

  • ecojam 22-04-2014 17:14

    Very thanks.

    But three files (t071-080,t091-100,t141-150end) are bad...

  • Anonymous 20-04-2014 21:51

    Thank you!