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Tennou no Ryouriban [1980-81]

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Tennou no Ryouriban

Title: 天皇の料理番, Tennou no Ryouriban

Genre: Oishii, drama

Episodes: 19

Broadcast period: 1980-Oct-19 to 1981-Mar-22

Cast: Sakai Masaaki, Orimoto Junkichi, Sanjou Miki

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  • Koppa 22-04-2019 07:41

    Please re-create the 「Tennou no Ryouriban」 link.

    Please, please!

  • Koppa 30-03-2019 05:43

    Finally found!

    But it was a pity.

    I want to show it again before my mother dies.

    Please re-upload it! please!

  • AnlenDaiGo 07-08-2015 15:13

    xaxa,Could you re-upload it?Thanks.

  • Anonymous 05-04-2015 01:57

    I would like to watch this drama ^^ Please

  • xaxa 27-11-2011 01:11

    Works fine for me. You probably have an incomplete file. Try redownloading.

  • booh 26-11-2011 04:06

    19th episode has no audio. Could you re-upload it? Thanks.