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Sukeban Deka Movies (subbed) [1987, 1988]

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Sukeban Deka The Movie Sukeban Deka The Movie 2

Title: スケバン刑事 The Movie, Sukeban Deka The Movie

Genre: Action, crime

Duration: 93 minutes

Air Date: 14 Feb, 1987

Title: スケバン刑事 The Movie 2: 風間三姉妹の逆襲, Sukeban Deka The Movie 2: Kazama san-shimai no gyakushû

Genre: Action, crime

Duration: 90 minutes

Air Date: 11 Feb, 1988

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  • Toshiki 03-12-2014 09:04

    It's a shame... these films look great. =( I hope someone can share it. I really appreciate the effort from this community. Good website! =)

  • xaxa 14-11-2013 13:21

    I don'y have them anymore

  • sonicstyle91 14-11-2013 05:41


    Can you reupload the sukeban deka movies on other servers? Please!

    I can't download from multiupload (dead page and links probably)...

  • Anonymous 13-11-2013 07:52

    ¡Please, reuploaded the movies on Mediafire! =)

  • norah 18-02-2012 11:49

  • xaxa 19-10-2011 23:07

    You are welcome, glad you liked it.

  • Not Jekyll 19-10-2011 22:30

    You are now a hero of mine! Words can't express how awesome Sukeban Deka is. Even the recent movie rocked, and I despise CG... but these movies are like gold dust!!!!