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Website update

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As you can see, the website undergone some major changes. First of all I've developed new design. Feel free to vote in a poll and/or leave your thoughts about design in the comments below. Please also write about bugs, errors etc. The design isn't finished yet and I need your help to make it better. If it looks broken in your browser, please state its version. It should be OK in a majority of modern browsers, but I intentionally left Internet Explorer 6 without support. It should just die already! >_<

The second modification concerns advertising. For your convenience I've replaced all banners with one donation button (yes, that cute maneki neko in the sidebar)). If you like the site and want to express your gratitude or add me a little more motivation, feel free to do it ^^

So, that's about it. Stay tuned and enjoy rare dramas and movies!

PS: for better understanding of how the site should look and easier reports I'll post 2 screenshots: then first one is for a medium resolution devices (1280x800), the second one is for a higher resolution devices. I'm currently working on mobile phone and tablet versions, please be patient ^^;

If you see something much uglier, please report to me!

1280x800 px and higher

normal resolution high rresolution

PSS:OK, the poll is a little early. I need to fix it first.

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  • xaxa 15-10-2011 01:14

    And yes, main menu is designed to be that way - simple text on white background with blots on it when you put a mouse over it.

  • xaxa 15-10-2011 01:11

    Thank you for your report!

    I guess the reason why you don't see a vote button is because your screen height is less than 800px. Try rescaling your browser. I've added 2 screenshots to the post of how website should look.

    If you have a small resolution screen please be patient, I'm currently working on that problem.

  • RetroHelix 15-10-2011 00:27

    How do I vote? There are no buttons or something :(

    I like the donate-button of the new design. The menu looks a bit odd with just black text on white ground. I have no idea how to correct this though...

    Keep it up!