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Samayoeru Nouzui | さまよえる脳髄 [1993]

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Samayoeru Nouzui | さまよえる脳髄 1993

Genre: suspence, horror

Release Date: December 4, 1993

Director: Sadaaki Hagiba

Cast: Masaki Kanda, Reiko Takashima, Ren Ohsugi, Ryo Amamiya

Video: DVDrip, 448x248, mp4

Thriller based on the novel by Go Ohsaka.

Thanks to jdraclct for the link!

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  • hb 05-11-2018 17:28

    Thanks to jdraclct for the link!

  • xaxa 01-08-2018 19:29

    the link is in the post.

    see the tutorial on how to download

  • Anonymous 01-08-2018 16:31

    Do you have any files

  • jdraclct 06-03-2017 05:12

    Re-uploaded to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  • juvewin 13-04-2012 11:54

    So bad news.

  • xaxa 11-04-2012 19:32

    No, I don't keep the files I upload.

  • juvewin 11-04-2012 17:55

    @xaxa So you don't have the files now? %>_

  • xaxa 10-04-2012 17:41

    juvewin, no, the links are dead and the files are gone.

  • juvewin 10-04-2012 16:13

    Sorry for interrupting you,but could you please reupload the movie called Samayoeru Nouzui | さまよえる脳髄 [1993].

    The website about it is listed below.

    Unfortunately I can't download it from multiupload.So I wonder if you can share it on fss.

    I'm looking for it for a long time and glad to find it here.

    Many thanks!

  • juvewin 08-04-2012 15:36

    Could you please upload this movie to the private tracker.

    I can't download it from multiupload.Many thanks.

    I'm looking for it for a long time.

  • reiko 15-10-2011 05:25

    Thank for your kindness.

    Have a nice day!!!

  • xaxa 14-10-2011 21:04

    Hi, Reiko!

    Thanks for the compliment.

    I'd like to help you with these movies, but unfortunately I don't have them.

  • reiko 14-10-2011 19:30

    Site changed very good!!

    Nice & fantastic!!

    Good luck to this site!!

  • reiko 14-10-2011 19:10

    Thank you!!!

    Please uplode this movies, if you have.




    爱流通 Center (2008)

    Black action movie1-3.1996



    I'm sorry that bother you..

    Have a nice day!!

  • xaxa 14-10-2011 13:26

    It's OK, you can have as many requests as you want.

  • reiko 14-10-2011 04:32

    Thank you for your generous.

    You are a good person.

    I want to see a few more films but bother you?

    I can not find anywhere.