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Sailor Fuku Doori | セーラー服通り (1986)

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Genre: school drama

Episodes: 12

Broadcast period: 1986-Jan-10 to 1986-Mar-28

Cast: Yasuda Narumi, Tanaka Misako, Sato Koichi, Jinnai Takanori

Video: 640x480, mp4

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  • Mr C 28-07-2020 23:01

    The link does not seem to work anymore ... that's too bad, it seems to be very difficult to see this great drama, I could not even find it for sale.

  • Kaho 13-02-2020 06:04



    thanks very much admin..

  • dx 20-02-2019 17:08

    I don't know why, but this series makes me happy. Thanks.