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Ok, guys, on various demands I'm making this post, where you can request reupload, write about dead or alive links or write about files you reuploaded. Anything about files here. I'll compile all your data in the tables under the cut.

PS: anyone can (and should!)) reupload requested drama, if he/she has it!

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  • Kichiji 09-11-2019 07:08

    sukeban deka series 3 ep 31.mp4


  • Kichiji 08-11-2019 17:43

    Ok. sukeban series 3 is up and seeded. search for hash F5C400FF317151BF2500FC862F9D0404743C835C . Enjoy!

  • Kadoku 30-06-2019 14:36

    Hello, dorama Tantei Monogatary 1979.

    All the links are dead.

  • xaxa 26-04-2018 01:16

    they work for me.

    see the download tutorial

  • Rachel 25-04-2018 13:34

    Hello, can anybody help me finding copies of Hissatsu Shiokinin? The posted link doesn't seem to work. Thank you!

  • Rus 16-02-2018 00:15

    Not a re-upload but does anyone have "Shin Ai no Arashi" (2002) the newer version?

    The other is "Miyamoto Musashi" (1995) series with Yakusho Koji - the older one, not the latest one that was Taiga Drama.


  • Tai Takada 23-01-2018 01:40

    Gokenin Zankuro-authored by xaxa way back in September y Oct 2011 Ep Episodes Ep Ep

    All the links are dead in these posts

  • lope 02-03-2014 23:48

    All the links are dead in these posts

  • xaxa 29-03-2013 12:49

    I will probably reupload it on this weekend

  • Anonymous 29-03-2013 03:20

    Tantei Monogatari is all dead, pls re-up

  • dg 21-03-2013 08:15

    hello, can anyone please reupload the show

    Kizudarake no Love Song (Tainted Love Song)

    it stars mika nakashima. all the links here for that show is dead. thanks.

  • May 15-02-2013 01:08

    (Sorry if you get this message twice, I didn't see this re-upload request post before!)

    I don't want to bother you, but I've been looking all over for episodes 40 and 41 of series 10 of Wataru Seken wa oni Bakari. Is there any chance you could re-upload these? There are literally no working links for them anywhere. :(

  • Linny 21-01-2013 23:42

    Some angel has seeded and i already uploaded the missing 31

    thnx for wainting

  • Linny 18-01-2013 03:45

    I downloaded the sukeban deka series (1,2,3) from d-addicts and uploaded it in mediafire for those who prefer directlinks over a week of seed waiting ;/ the only epi i don't have is the 31 for the 3rd season. If anyone have please seed the torrent or put it up here ;^;

    Now is the link to the folder with the series:

  • xaxa 13-01-2013 17:31

    seeding Hiatari Ryouko at d-addicts. link is in the topic.

  • Anonymous 12-01-2013 09:54

    hiatari ryouko link dead

  • Anonymous 27-11-2012 05:18

    Taiyou ni Hoero! - Macaroni Keiji

    Taiyou ni Hoero! - Jiipan Keiji

    All links are dead.

  • saigo_x 04-11-2012 20:40


    I've reuploaded Tsumetai Tsuki.

  • seri17 04-11-2012 18:18

    "tsumetai tsuki"

    Plz can you upload these again?

  • saigo_x 02-11-2012 22:25


    I'll reupload Dare ni mo Ienai later today.

  • anon2675 02-11-2012 20:21

    I'm a big fan of Sano Shiro so plz can u reuP Dare ni mo Ienai I luv how he plays unstable characters in a way its his specialty and gift or a curse IDK lol

  • anon4567 31-10-2012 06:11

    Mama wa idol, megaupload links dead.

  • guga 11-10-2012 20:03


    if someone is from indonesia (or other asian countries), please try download it from here and reup on another server (mediafire or anyother that don´t have country restrictions):

    ttp:// Kaiju Ouji

    It is increadible hard to dl.

  • Anonym 11-10-2012 19:52

    I tried...this torrent. is not be seeded It stops at 62,27%

    I`m trying to dl from a indonesian forum (a true hell to dl i must say, since i´m not from indonesia).

    So far i suceeded to dl 8 episodes. I´ll try to upload them tonight and post here the link

  • xaxa 11-10-2012 11:23


    I don't have it, but you can try downloading it from here ttp:// ouji.torrent

  • guga 11-10-2012 05:23

    Btw...If someone have "Space Boy Soran" (Uchu Shonen Soran) [ 宇宙少年ソラン ] please upload it. If you allow me i can upload the few ones i have.

  • Guga 11-10-2012 05:15

    Ok, i asked for "Kaiju Ouji"....I have few epísodes i was able to dl. If you allow me, i´ll post what i have, and can u please upload the rest ?

    Best Regards,


  • saigo_x 04-10-2012 21:12


    Jyoou no Kyoushitsu/The Queen's Classroom does not qualify as a "rare" drama.

  • mayu 04-10-2012 11:39

    can i ask The Queen's class room

    torrent's seed is suck

    munch appreciated!

  • Younha 03-10-2012 16:00


    Sorry for the late response, have only just got internet again. I wanted to say thanks for the upload of Yanusu no Kagami! As always, it's very much appreciated! Can't wait to start watching it. :)

  • Anonym 26-09-2012 06:36


  • Anonym 25-09-2012 16:58

    dai tozoku 1963 links are dead

    can you upload these again?


  • saigo_x 21-09-2012 22:19


    A new batch torrent for Mayonaka no Ame was recently added on D-Addicts and has plenty of peers. I was able to complete it in less than one hour. It is the same files uploaded by xaxa with the SRT subtitles added as well.

  • missrare 21-09-2012 15:26

    sorry i mean kimi no todoke (anything for you)

  • missrare 21-09-2012 15:25

    it's a bit hard but can i ask

    Kimi no Todoke

    Many many thanks

  • missrare 21-09-2012 14:46

    i want to watch mayonaka no ame

    can someone re-up it.many thanks

  • Daisukiman 16-09-2012 10:13

    Thanks @saigo_x for the second season of Maido Osawagase Shimasu and for Yanusu no Kagami.

    I'm looking forward for any other 80's action dramas worth of note.

    I'm also wondering if anyone has "Hana no Asuka-gumi", which aired around the late 80's.

  • Nusanya 16-09-2012 02:34

    Please re-upload "Zesshou" if anybody has it.

  • saigo_x 15-09-2012 03:02

    @X68000_side @Younha

    I've uploaded all 18 episodes of Yanusu no Kagami. Note: I accidentally named episodes 1-16 "Yanasu no Kagami". I didn't notice it until I was almost done uploading so I only fixed episodes 17-18 since I didn't want to have to go back and reupload the rest just to fix the filename.


  • X68000_side 12-09-2012 23:49


    Please do upload (if it's not much of a hassle, that is)「Yanusu no Kagami」in whatever resolution you have it!

    It does seem like a strange and interesting drama.

  • Anonym 12-09-2012 08:11

    Thanks for the re-upload saigo_x.

    I have fond memories of 80's idols like Nakayama Miho, Saito Yuki, and NANNO. They had a certain charm that I just can't find in the posterior generations.

    Again, thanks for the hard work.

  • saigo_x 12-09-2012 05:24


    I've reuploaded season 1 of Maido Osawagase Shimasu to Mediafire. Check the download page for the link. I'll probably reupload season 2 as well.

  • Pinoko 11-09-2012 21:03

    Can anybody re-seed Daitokai Takata no Hibi? Both Eps. 1-20 and 21-30 are dead.

    Also looking for a re-seed of the Hissatsu Shigotonin Series. I'm seeding Hissatsu Shiokinin and Mito Komon 3 for anyone interested.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Daisukiman 11-09-2012 13:12

    Please re-upload Shoujo Commando IZUMI, if possible.

    Maido Osawagase Shimasu would be great too, for Nakayama Miho.

  • SeanDub 08-09-2012 07:19

    My coworker worked in Japan and used to watch Tonbo when it aired. He wanted to know if I could find it. I noticed saigo_x fixed the links in February, but they appear to be broken again.

  • saigo_x 05-09-2012 20:42


    I have Yanusu no Kagami in a mash-up of resolutions, ranging from 336x256 to 640x480 DivX.Other than the varying resolutions and the low bitrates the the quality of the image itself is not bad. It's a really old and rare series and it'd be cool to see if anyone else has better copies since I believe there are DVD's available.

  • Younha 05-09-2012 18:56

    Not a reupload request as such but I've come across ヤヌスの鏡 (Janice/Janus no Kagami) clips and it looks like an interesting drama! Would love if someone could upload it if they have it.

    Thanks for all your efforts. It is very appreciated!

  • Anonym 01-09-2012 16:36

    For Sutekina Kataomoi, i can not find it in the Two rapidshare link that you have given. Can you please reupload it? Thank u

  • Me 01-09-2012 01:28

    Pink Lady no Katsudou Daishashin

  • Manueru 30-08-2012 18:56

    Have someone dorama "Sugao no mama de" Just the way you are? Please if you have reupload.

  • Younha 25-08-2012 17:25

    Thanks for the torrent links Andrey. Much appreciated!

  • Andrey 22-08-2012 10:46

    I had downloaded everithing by torrents three month ago, but IZUMI was too slow (2-3week).

  • Younha 22-08-2012 03:38

    Firstly, thanks for all the hard work you guys put into uploading these gems.

    I've tried Sukeban Deka III and Shoujo Commander Izumi series but all the links appear to be removed/don't work.

    It would be great if anyone could reupload the series as they were a favourite of mine.


  • houda 06-08-2012 22:09

    it would be great if you could reupload Night head ^^

    thx .

  • wahyu 06-08-2012 15:24

    thank you for your hardwork. would like to request tokyo cinderella story be reuploaded. the links don't seem to work...thanks

  • Zemus 06-08-2012 03:29

    Just realized that this is where I should have put my comment/request.

    Karei Naru Tsuiseki -The Chaser- [1989]

  • Andrey 27-07-2012 14:07

    Try to download by torrent -

  • Xola 27-07-2012 03:06

    All Sukeban Deka series 2 links are dead (fileserve) :(

  • xaxa 26-07-2012 10:47

    Sorry, I don't have them on my HDD, but 1st season should be available right now at d-addicts, because it's being subbed in english.

  • Zorkaz 25-07-2012 03:29

    Would you be so kind and re-upload those "Furuhata Ninzaburo" Seasons somewhere else than on FSSeeders and D-Addicts... (Because both don't work...)

    (Maybe on asiatorrents?!) ^_^

  • pedro 31-05-2012 00:47

    Daijoubu, My Friend だいじょうぶマイフレンド 1983

    friend links They do not work

  • please 28-05-2012 15:04

    please upload be-bop HS T.T

  • Anonym 18-05-2012 00:50

    mister xaxa you can upload The episodes Of this serie

    Or to sow seed for torrent

    11 *ttp://

    12 *ttp://

    13 *ttp://

    14 *ttp://

  • Lala 11-05-2012 14:25

    Never mind about Himitsu no Kankei! I got the torrents to work and I'll seed it.

  • Lala 11-05-2012 02:51

    I would like to request Himitsu no Kankei. The multiupload links are dead, and I can't find working torrents elsewhere. Thanks

  • Andrey 03-05-2012 07:59

    I don't know how to delete my reupload rewuest for it.

    I've download Shoujo Commando Izumi by free torrent. It takes to me a week.

    Thanks for seed.

    But reupload rewuest for Furyo_Shoujo_to_Yobarete ep01-08,21-24 is exists.

  • Matsuya 02-05-2012 19:15

    Who can upload Nagasaki Hankacho EP19-26?

  • Andrey 29-04-2012 10:35

    Please, reupload

    少女コマンドーIZUMI / Shoujo Commando Izumi / Schoolgirl Commando Izumi

    There also torrent exists, but it like not alive.


    Furyo_Shoujo_to_Yobarete ep01-08 on this page (2012-02-06 в 02:20:56 | Anonym)-

    "Download not available"

    Can someone reupload it?

    Thank you.

  • tsuchiya 25-04-2012 07:37

    Hi, everybody! Does anyone have whole "Yokomizo Seishi Series" (Honjin Satsujin Jiken, Inugami ke no Ichizoku, etc.)? It'll be totally awesome if someone re-upload them. Thank you!

  • @decay 12-04-2012 03:47

    I've uploaded Waru to my Rapidshare account:!users|37202864-e70a4cf3496b854741ddffdbbd7bcfc5|6179

  • decay 11-04-2012 01:27

    @ saigo_x

    That would be great, I do actually have a rapidshare account ( I took refuge there after megaupload and fileserver went out of business ). Out of the few survivors it seems to be the safest ( it should take some time until germany falls to the MPAA ).

    I just bought a seedbox though, just in case. I will try to see if remote uploads ( from rapidshare to the seedbox ) are possible.

  • saigo_x 11-04-2012 00:56


    I can reupload Waru. But unless you have a Rapidshare account there is no point for me reuploading them there. It seems there is no safe place to upload. Even Mediafire is being targeted now.

  • xaxa 10-04-2012 20:21

    yayaya, reuploaded the first 3 episodes

  • juvewin 10-04-2012 16:14

    Sorry for interrupting you,but could you please reupload the movie called Samayoeru Nouzui | さまよえる脳髄 [1993].

    The website about it is listed below.

    Unfortunately I can't download it from multiupload.So I wonder if you can share it on fss.

    I'm looking for it for a long time and glad to find it here.

    Many thanks!

  • xaxa 09-04-2012 22:39

    yayaya, I'll reupload them

  • yayaya 05-04-2012 23:50

    Does anybody have the first three episodes (1-3) of aitsu ga trouble ? They are not available in the RS folder.

    I did found torrents for episodes 1 & 2 but they are unseeded. If anyone had a link to provide for those 3 eps, I would be very gratefull.

  • xaxa 05-04-2012 12:49

    I don't know, that's the question to saigo_x.

    Don't think sending to Rapidshare works, most probably they must be fully reuploaded.

  • decay 05-04-2012 03:33

    Hi, thanks for your hard work.

    I would like to request Waru | 悪女 [1992] :悪女-1992

    I gave priority to the rapidshare files, thinking I would retrieve the ones on fileserve later, >_> bad call !

    PS : by the way would it be possible to "remote-upload" some of those files from fileserve to rapidshare ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Sad Person 06-03-2012 16:10

    LOL no english subtitles and they are really impossible to find on the net

  • Sad Person 06-03-2012 12:45

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm really grateful.

  • vEEaUM 29-02-2012 22:45

    Yugen Doshi | 霊幻道士 [1986-1988]

    Author: xaxa

    All links dead

  • xaxa 29-02-2012 20:53

    Sad Person,


  • Sad Person 28-02-2012 06:02

    Age 35 Koishikute, Some links are bad

  • Mhayk 27-02-2012 22:39

    Unfortunately, they have been removed :(

  • Mhayk 27-02-2012 22:38

    Thank you for reuploading koukou kyoushi 1993!

  • kurage 25-02-2012 19:51

    Just wondering, any plans to reupload Mama wa Idol? I'm willing to wait. Just that i can't find any other sources for this drama. :( And my torrent isn't budging.

  • saigo_x 23-02-2012 04:43


    Yeah, I've been following the posts on Facebook and it looks like they are getting hammered with new traffic and also taking advantage of the situation to get more people to sign up for premium accounts. Let's see how long they play this game. Unfortunately the pauses that they are adding on free downloads often causes timeouts. And with large files it makes it impossible to download even if you are willing to wait hours to download something. Unfotunately that makes most of our uploads undownloadable beacause of their large size.

  • MetalKaiser 22-02-2012 14:19

    For Xaxa and the others,

    Please be patient. Maybe after Megaupload closed, Rapidshare found a lot of demand at once (everybody trying to reupload and download everything like crazy), and they can't deal with everything so soon. Maybe that's why they took this measure now, but I also think they'll cancel it again when they have bought enough infrastructure to cope with everything...Ok, maybe they are trying to sell some premuim accounts too because it is a good time for them to do it. But I think demand will cease with time and everything will go back to the previous situation.

    30kb/s is too bad, but it is the same as a torrent with very few seeders, which is what you'll find in most of the old dramas. Emule does not work much better either. In fact, as I said I'm trying to download Hissatsu Shigotonin 3 and 4 from Asiator and I cannot find a single seeder or leech, so I'm stopped at 0%. At least we still can use Rapidshare in JDownloader without having to input the captchas, which saves a lot of work.

  • xaxa 22-02-2012 13:48


    It's just... one after another... I don't know what to do anymore((

  • John B 22-02-2012 09:30

    Any info on Hissatsu 3 & 4 ? Appreciate greatly this fantastic site!

  • saigo_x 22-02-2012 08:45

    Actually I was not aware of the problem. I hadn't downloaded anything from Rapidshare in the last few days but sure enough the speed is crap now. That's another huge blow to the recovery. Hmm, what now?

  • Anonym 22-02-2012 06:09

    Pretty sure everybody is aware of this already, but in case you aren't - Rapidshare has disabled the ability to resume downloads and capped download speeds for free users to 30kb/s.

  • MetalKaiser 20-02-2012 23:31

    Does anybody have Gokenin Zankuro 1,2,3 and 4 and Hissatsu Shigotonin 3 and 4? I have tried to download it from the Torrent and Emule, but it is almost stopped at 0%

  • Anonym 20-02-2012 15:10

    Anonym, you will have them in some days

  • Anonym 20-02-2012 03:48

    太陽にほえろ!マカロニ刑事 eps 1~25 links are dead. Anyone able to reupload?

  • fobdstn 20-02-2012 02:42

    Regarding the Yamato Nadeshiko reference: xaxa you have better quality (aka dvd) rips of the show and are transcribing from the old jem episodes?

    Just saw it at d-addicts. Thanks for doing that.

    I dropped you some working links for Kou Kou Kyoushi 1993 and Ashiteru to Itte Kure.

  • Sorvaseven 19-02-2012 17:49

    I'm seeding Ai Kotoba wa Yuuki for a while on DA (but I'm unregulary online), so if anyone wants to upload it on rapidshare he/she has a chance to get this drama first via DA ;-)

  • xaxa 19-02-2012 02:58

    Thanks a lot, saigo, for your hard work!

    Yes, I'll upload and make a Yamato Nadeshiko's post after all English subtitles will be transcribed.

  • saigo_x 18-02-2012 23:07

    I finished reuploading Straight News and Warui Onna - Loose Socks Deka. I also uploaded my 320x240 DivX version of episode 12 of Maido Osawagase Shimasu.

    Is someone going to reupload Furyo Shoujo to Yobarete 21-24? If not I can uplad them to my account.

    What about Ai Kotoba wa Yuuki? It's still available on Clubbox so I can possibly help with that.

    @xaxa: Are you going to upload Yamato Nadeshiko for direct download?

  • Maido 17-02-2012 04:40

    Can somebody upload the last episode of "Maido Osawagase Shimasu" The final episode needs a part 3 to make it complete.

  • saigo_x 16-02-2012 20:18


    Unfortunately I don't have any of those. I'll keep an eye out for them though.


    I uploaded episodes 6-7 and the Interview for Danjo Shichinin Natsu Monogatari to my Rapidshare account so that series is now complete. Tsumetai Tsuki is also complete now. I will finish reuploading Staight News today so you can add that too.

    Also, what the story on Ai Kotoba wa Yuuki? Sorvaseven posted in the Seed Request thread that he was able to complete.

  • Patrick 16-02-2012 15:38

    Requests here!

    First, thanks for those who are reuploading stuff... Really, I appreciate the work - and will try to reupload something.

    I'd like to ask if someone can reupload the Be Bop Highschool movies (1985-1988)... Can't find them anywhere!

    Thanks again.

  • MetalKaiser 16-02-2012 14:20

    I have some requests, but I don't know if they are your files:

    - Meitantei Kindaichi Kousuke Series [1998-2005] (32ep, detective)

    - Giwaku | 疑惑 [1982] (drama, crime)

    - Akuryo-to | Island of the Evil Spirits | 悪霊島

    - Karei Naru Tsuiseki -The Chaser- [1989] (comedy, detective, action)

    - Kage no Gundan 1 (subbed) [1980], (27ep)

    - Gokenin Zankuro 4 | 御家人斬九郎4 [1999] (11ep, jidaigeki)

    - Gokenin Zankuro 3 | 御家人斬九郎3 [1997] (11ep, jidaigeki)

    - Gokenin Zankuro 2 | 御家人斬九郎ll 1997 (11ep, jidaigeki)

    - Gokenin Zankuro | 御家人斬九郎 1995 (8ep, jidaigeki)

    - Yatsu Haka Mura [1996]

    - Hagure Keiji Junjoha 7 [1994] (25ep, detective)

    So if some of them are yours, you already have some work ;)

  • saigo_x 15-02-2012 22:12


    Too late hehe. But like I said above you don't need to reupload because all xaxa needs to do is use the "copy to my account" option on Rapidshare.

    Since I'm done with Ooka Echizen 14 I'm now looking for something else to work on. Not sure if I should start reuploading my other uploads since no one has made a request for anything othen then Kiken Na Kankei which survived the file purges nearly completely intact anyways.

  • MetalKaiser 15-02-2012 21:30

    I have finished downloading all the episodes of Oooka Echizen (including the ones in Saigo_x's folder). I couldn't download episodes 1, 18 and 19 of Season 11 since some Fileserve links are down. If somebody have them, please upload those episodes.

    Saigo_x: no need you reupload your episodes of Oooka Echizen in one single uncompressed file since I will upload them in Xaxa's folder (except the 3 episodes I said before). Better use your effort in another thing.

  • Mike 15-02-2012 20:18

    Wanted to know if you have Salaryman Kintaro (TBS / 1999) or the other 3seasons of this series.


  • Zenkai 15-02-2012 20:09

    Hey everybody, i have a request since the links are dead: Imoto yo. There is also a request at d-addicts, so if someone can upload it on rapidshare or create a torrent batch it would be awesome :-)

    Thank you xaxa & Co. for all your effort. It's simply amazing!

  • xaxa 13-02-2012 23:01


    thanks a lot! reuploaded your files to my folder.


    thank you very much, now this show is complete again!

  • saigo_x 13-02-2012 22:33


    There is an option to save a file already uploaded on Rapishare to your own account. I don't think you need to download and then reupload it.

    I am going to reupload 1-9 unrared. Unfortunately Rapishare is being a pain right now. It's upload system is very tempermental. Even though it has more options I still preferred the MU system since I rarely had any problems with them.

  • MetalKaiser 13-02-2012 20:21


    Ok, I am downloading Ooka Echizen from your shared folder and saving it in my disc. I will upload it into Xaxa's folder ASAP.

    In my case, I have a very high speed on weekdays so I can help a lot now. However, I think I won't have it after summer. So I don't know what will happen then.

  • zen 13-02-2012 19:33

    I have finally finished uploading Terauchi Kantarou Ikka Ep 01-25!

  • saigo_x 13-02-2012 19:19


    Oh I was only referring to Ooka Echizen 14 1-15 which I was just helping you out on. I thought it best to focus on saving things that are still available elsewhere before they disappear. As I said before I still have all the files from my uploads so I can reupload those at any time. I still haven't decided exactly what to do or even how many files I'm going to reupload. The Keitai Deka Zenigata series alone would take forever to reupload. But if someone makes a request I will reupload.

  • MetalKaiser 13-02-2012 14:14

    Hey, saigo_x, but I will only do such thing with "Osawa ga seshimasu" because my disk is almost full and it's not detective, mistery or jidaigeki. For the rest of the dramas, you can ask me for a reupload whenever you want. Notice that the list of dramas I am uploading (and I'll probably have to reupload in the future) is quite big (you have it some posts above).

  • saigo_x 12-02-2012 22:22


    Nevermind, I was over thinking the idea. I'll start uploading unrared single files. However, like Metalkaiser I will only do so once and will leave it to others to keep the links active.

  • Ufikus 12-02-2012 15:48

    I have freshly uploaded missing episodes of second season of Sukeban Deka.

    It is my free rapidshare account, so 30 days limit applies. Please, move it to The pool. Somebody showed up as only seeder on d-addicts and I was able to fill it.


    I have at present crappy connection, so I still didn get even whole 2nd season. Movies seems to be hopeless. It is nowhere. :o(

  • xaxa 12-02-2012 00:09


    haven't said a word about easier download. That's not what I'm after. My only concern is that after a month of inactivity, files will be deleted from Rapidshare. The service will send you a letter about those expiring files (if you chose this option in the admin panel), so probably you will be able to click on them, to reset the timer, but if there will be hundreds of small files... I don't think anybody will want go through this)) Even if you'll be doing it, there is a greater chance that you'll miss clicking on one of the files.

    I know why people splitted the files earlier and it has nothing to do with easier downloads or storing. Can you please write about your plan in more details, I don't get it.

  • saigo_x 11-02-2012 22:12

    @xaxa & MetalKaiser

    While single file links or multi-file archives are more convenient for downloading/leeching it does nothing to promote reuploading of files. Also I'm trying to find ways to protect files from future problems. Just look at the list of uploads that survived the file purges. There is a reason the "scene" does things the way they do. We need to move away from the "easy download" mentality and think about better methods to ensure our uploads remain active for the longest time possible. I could go on and on with examples but there is no need. Plus MetalKaiser's post about Maido Osawagase ga Seshimasu tells me some things are pretty obvious already.

  • MetalKaiser 11-02-2012 16:53

    By the way, it seems that Maido Osawagase ga Seshimasu, 2nd season, ep 11-14 is now working in the torrrent (there is a seeder with the 100%). I hope I can complete it soon. However, I will upload the complete season once and only once to xaxa's folder in Rapidshare. After that a different person will have to reupload it when necessary. That is because my disks are almost full, and I don't like the drama so much, so I will delete it after uploading. The people who are requesting the upload, please take responsibility for it.

    Anyway, I am still uploading Hissatsu Shigotonin, and I can't upload on the weekends, so it will take some time before I can upload Maido Osawagase ga Seshimasu.

  • MetalKaiser 11-02-2012 16:45

    saigo_x, I agree with xaxa

  • xaxa 11-02-2012 01:26

    By the way, saigo, why split files if you upload to Rapidshare? I think it's more convenient to do the opposite - make multiple episodes archives, because Rapidshare allows files up to 2 Gb and it'll be easier to prolong files. Splitting was good only for Multiupload, because various hosters had various file size limits.

  • saigo_x 10-02-2012 21:30

    Multiupload is completely dead for me now. It's been on and off for at least a week, but today even JDownloader and website link converters no longer work. I hope it's not a permanent situation since that would mean alot of working links may be lost for good. Luckily I went through and posted the working direct links for my uploads while it was still working.

    I'm going to continue uploading Ooka Echizen 14 1-15 on my Rapidshare account. With the constant barrage of problems lately I'm going to try and develop a protocol for future uploads. At the moment what I am doing is splitting all files into RARs of 200MB or less with no compression(i.e. "Store"), 5% recovery record, and no password of course. Furthermore I am now going to create SRR files using ReScene( ) so anyone can recreate the original RAR set in the future. I also suggest we begin to look into other ways to shield our uploads from future problems.

  • Doramafan 10-02-2012 20:44

    Hello. Please reupload Imouto yo. Can't see the fileserve links because multiupload is down. Thank you very much.

  • MetalKaiser 10-02-2012 19:42


    I've been having problems with multiupload, but now their links seem to be working fine in JDownloader. I don't have the direct links. Sorry.


    Try making a free account in Rapidshare

  • Palmit 10-02-2012 17:08

    Excuse me guys but..Rapidshare requires a login before downloading now..Why? Is it free or not? Thank you!

  • Manolo 10-02-2012 16:51

    regarding the Futari Ecchi dorama,ふたりエッチ-ドラマ-2011

    Links are in Multiupload. I have been downloading it since february the 7th from wupload (the only server working). The problem is that multiupload is no longer available since 2 days ago, but the wupload links are still available. can anyone publish the wupload links directly, without going through multiupload?

  • MetalKaiser 10-02-2012 16:41


    today chrome failed to me too (but it seems better than firefox anyway).


    Thanks a lot. I am still downloading season 6.

  • saigo_x 10-02-2012 09:30

    I finished downloading Ooka Echizen 14 1-15 and have started to upload to my Rapdishare account.

  • MetalKaiser 09-02-2012 22:10

    You are right, Zen!

    There seems to be a bug in Firefox. I tried Chrome and I uploaded more than the double of files a day.

  • zen 08-02-2012 20:34

    Post #44 = zen

    Uploading to the main folder using Chrome seems to be working now (Finally!).

  • saigo_x 08-02-2012 20:07


    JDownloader does not correctly report the status of many Filserve links at the moment. If you click on the individual Fileserve links for Ooka Echizen 14 1-15 you will see that they work. I'll try and download them today. I have not looked at any of the other links for Ooka Echizen.


    I was going for the "quick fix" by uploading just the missing files for uploads that were nearly complete. I've noticed that more links have begun to expire so at some point they will have to be reuploaded completely.

  • MetalKaiser 08-02-2012 19:52

    Anonym, Sometimes it happens to me with Firefox after I uploaded some episodes. I can fix it by restarting the computer and the external disk drive, but I don't know if that will work for you.

  • Anonym 08-02-2012 18:55

    xaxa, ever since I wrote my last post, my uploading has been failing, uploading either to the main folder or to a specific folder. I will try another browser today, but so far it's not working for me using Safari or Firefox.

  • Garia 08-02-2012 18:27

    xaxa Thanks. Now I've finally worked out how to do it, I'm (very slowly!) uploading the 2 missing episodes from Sukeban Deka series 1. I've not got any more of it though, so hopefully someone else can fill the remaining gaps.

  • loucastelou 08-02-2012 17:39

    Is it possible to reupload following episodes from Nagasaki Hankacho.

    Episodes 7, 8, 9, 10, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26.

    Regards and Thanks

  • xaxa 08-02-2012 16:51


    hm, I see only the first 2 episodes of Terauchi in my folder (and the ones I uploaded)... or you haven't uploaded the rest yet?

    and no, Rapidshare don't have FTP. maybe Premium users can have an access via FTP, I don't know.

    saigo, you are the best! thanks a lot for all uploads! added a link to your folder in the table and renewed the links in the topics. hope I haven't miss anything, my head is spinning of all these updates %))

  • MetalKaiser 08-02-2012 16:05

    Also please help me to save Oooka Echizen 6 if you don't mind. Start from the last episode.

  • MetalKaiser 08-02-2012 15:58


    I tried the FileServe links for Oooka Echizen 14 1-15 on JPDDL and they don't work for me: For the case of Wupload, JDowloader says that the links are up, but when it tries to download them fails and if you visit the pages you will see they were removed.

    In the case of Oooka Echizen 15, it seems wupload links are still up. Please help me download a backup before they are gone! (not Saigo_x alone, but everybody) If you don't mind, start from the last episode and I will start from the beginning as soon as I can (because I am dowloading Oooka Echizen 6) and wupload is too slow.

  • MetalKaiser 08-02-2012 15:38

    Thanks saigo_x,

    For Oooka Echizen 6 wupload links seem to be working. Most of Fileserve links are OK too, but a few are down.

    For Oooka Echizen 11, there are no wupload links. Most of Fileserve links are OK, but a few are down. I request re-upload for those.

    And now I completed Ryoma ni Omakase in the torrent, hou hou hou...

  • saigo_x 08-02-2012 03:34


    The FileServe links for Oooka Echizen 14 1-15 on JPDDL still work:


    I've made posts with working links on various pages.

  • Anonym 08-02-2012 00:51

    Danjo Shichinin Natsu Monogatari男女7人夏物語_第05話_「あなたが好き」.avi;男女7人夏物語_第09話_「笑うな!」.avi;男女7人夏物語_第03話.avi;男女7人夏物語_第04話.avi;男女7人夏物語_第01話__352x240_DivX5_.avi;男女7人夏物語_第02話_「接吻」.avi;男女7人夏物語_第07話_「嵐の日」.avi;男女7人夏物語_第08話_「こころの傷」.avi;男女7人夏物語_第06話「隣の席」.avi;男女7人夏物語_第10話_「YES_or_NO」.avi;

  • Lollipop 07-02-2012 23:33

    All links of the jdrama "Ai Kotoba wa Yuuki" are dead. There were links to MU and deposit-files. Deposit-files deleted it.

  • zen 07-02-2012 20:50

    xaxa, is there any way we can upload files via FTP? I believe your rapidshare account comes with FTP access, doesn't it? Uploading via browser is painfully slow, it does not always succeed, and as far as I can tell, I cannot upload multiple files.

  • MetalKaiser 07-02-2012 20:30

    I am uploading them to the shared folder, obviously

  • saigo_x 07-02-2012 05:56

    I created a Rapidshare account and have started to upload the missing parts for the series I uploaded. So far I have uploaded the missing parts for Waru, Shizuka Naru Don, and Tsumetai Tsuki. I've also begun to upload the missing episodes for Danjo Shichinin Natsu Monogatari. More to come.!users|37202864-e70a4cf3496b854741ddffdbbd7bcfc5|7650

  • zen 07-02-2012 05:33

    xaxa, scratch my previous observation about being able to upload to a specific folder. I guess I was able to do it with or without having my own rapidshare account. I'm uploading them into your account. I will see episode 02 out on the main folder, but I will be uploading the rest directly to the Terauchi folder you have.

  • Miichan 07-02-2012 03:54

    Can someone upload Ie naki ko movie?

    Thank you ^^

  • Palmit 07-02-2012 02:29

    Xaxa, thanks a lot however!!

    MetalKaiser, thank you!

    Where will you upload the series?

  • xaxa 06-02-2012 23:21

    MetalKaiser, great news! thanks a lot for all uploads! don't know what to do with your bug, sorry, never happened to me...

    zen, you mean, you're uploading Terauchi Kantarou Ikka to your account? or to mine? it's just that I already created a folder for it at my account, but your files are appearing outside of it. by the way, thanks for reuploading it! I still have eps 26-39, so I'll help with it.

  • zen 06-02-2012 22:44

    xaxa, now that I have my own rapidshare account, I am able to upload my files to a specific folder (and not just to your main folder).

    Uploading 'Terauchi Kantarou Ikka' series to its own folder now.

  • MetalKaiser 06-02-2012 21:06

    Forget it, I restarted and now everything seems to be fine

  • MetalKaiser 06-02-2012 20:18

    Xaxa, when I upload some episodes of Hissatsu Shigotonin, the bar stops near the end. Sometimes it becomes red, but in any case it seems it is never going to finish. I will try compressing the file with rar, but I do not have much hope about that solution. And the problem is that I have to wait all the upload of the file until the problem happens.

    Any suggestions about this problem?

  • Matsuya 06-02-2012 18:53

    Who can upload Nagasaki Hankacho EP19-26?

  • MetalKaiser 06-02-2012 16:43

    I forgot to say: you can focus on uploading the rest of the dramas, but caritative souls who help me in uploading everything and reuploading expired links are also welcome to do it.

  • MetalKaiser 06-02-2012 16:30

    List of the dramas I can upload (As you can see, I have already uploaded some and I am uploading by alphabetical order):


    Asami Mitsuhiko Mistery

    Bara to Samurai

    Furikaereba Yatsu ga Iru

    Furuhata Ninzaburo

    Gokenin Zankuro 5

    Hissatsu Shigotonin

    Hissatsu Shiokinin

    Kira Kira Hikaru

    Kirinukeru (Episodes 1-14), I request seed for the rest

    Kizudarake no Tenshi

    Kosuke Kindaichi Series 26 - Akuma no Kamen, I request seed for the rest

    Maido Osawa ga Seshimasu 2 (except 11-14)

    Moeyo Ken

    Monkey (Seasons 1 and 2)

    Morimura Seiichi Series - Fushoku no Kouzou

    Nagasaki Hankacho ep. 1, 2, 7 and 15, I request seed for the rest

    Nanase Futabi

    Onihei Hankachou (8 specials and Season 9 ep 1-5)

    Oooka Echizen, Season 9 complete and Season 14 ep 16-24. I am trying to download the rest of the seasons from multiupload and the torrent, but it seems they are not complete.

    Oretachi no Kunshou

    Otokotachi no Tabiji

    Shiroi Kiba

    Taiyou ni hoero! (2 different versions)

    Tantei Monogatari

    Tegami -Koroshi e no shoutai-

    Tonbo (except special, I request seed for it)

    Yokomizo Seishi Series 1 and 2

    And I am downloading some more in the torrent. If I can finish them I will upload them too. However most of them seem stopped. For instance: Ryoma ni Omakase (at 95.61%), Maido Osawagase Shimasu 2 ep. 11-14 (at 58.08%) Oooka Echizen 14 (at 4.24%) and 15 (at 28.94%).

    I also request seed for Ranbou and Ranbou 2.

  • xaxa 06-02-2012 15:21


    I don't have it. Added to request list.


    Yeah, I'm reuploading them now.


    if you have Rapidshare account, then there's no need to transfer files to that folder. Just keep them at your account. That's even better, because it is safer to store files on different accounts. I'll just post your links in the Furyo Shoujo to Yobarete thread and add the title in the table. Thanks for the reupload!


    you can't create a folder. I'll create and move files later.

    don't know, saigo_x, don't know... it looks like there are no safe hosters nowadays. at least Rapidshare looks like stable for now. I personally wouldn't recommend Fileserve. even though I still have Premium (which I don't intend to extend), lots of files are being deleted without notices.

  • saigo_x 06-02-2012 07:49

    Well I can fill in some of the missing RARs for the series I uploaded that are still mostly complete. So now the question becomes what service should I use? Most of the surviving links are on Fileserve via Multiupload. Obviously the remaining mirror sites on Multiupload are useless after a short period of time and Fileserve has already had problems once.

  • zen 06-02-2012 07:41

    xaxa, how do I create a folder inside the main raredoramas folder? I don't see any option to do so.

  • Mhayk 06-02-2012 07:25 --

    all episodes except ep.4 (mirror) are only Megaupload links (dead)

  • Sprint 06-02-2012 03:43

    NVM the above comment..I will just do it over.. for some unknown reason, importing from my account to dorama folder won't work for me. but it's no biggy.

  • Anonym 06-02-2012 02:20

    Furyo_Shoujo_to_Yobarete is here. I've tried sending it to "raredorama" folder and I've realized how noob I am with this service. Any instruction on how will be appreiciated.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  • Garia 06-02-2012 01:27

    Sukeban Deka

    Most of this is still live on Fileserve, except for the movies and the following episodes:

    Series 1: 12 & 22

    Series 2: 5, 10, 13 & 25

    Series 3: 21

  • Palmit 06-02-2012 00:53

    Hi xaxa, and thank you for all the effort!!

    Please, Moeyo Ken! Could you reupload it?

  • xaxa 05-02-2012 20:56

    Dan, I see that Fileserve links are still alive. Please, check better.

  • Dan 05-02-2012 17:11

    EDIT: ^I mean just episodes 46-52 + Special 2 (Eng. Dub). The Rest is online (@depositfiles)!

  • Dan 05-02-2012 17:05

    Would love it, if you could re-upload

    It is very rare to come by in digital form and the dvds cost 800 $. :(

  • xaxa 05-02-2012 16:03

    насколько я помню, я просто на аддикты выложил не до конца собранные 12-ю и спешл и не стал перезаливать торрент. а тут файлы обновил. если у тебя с КМЦ, значит, должны быть нормальные. сейчас в Rapidshare папке только 12-я и спешл, так что, если не трудно, можешь выложить остальные серии?

  • Avallach 05-02-2012 14:56

    А что там за проблемы такие с Coach?

    Я капчал еще с KMC, так что могу помочью.

    12 серия разбита на два куска, а спешл на 3.

    Что из этого надо перезалить?

  • xaxa 05-02-2012 14:45

    Sprint, Anonymous, saigo_x, thanks a lot!

  • saigo_x 05-02-2012 10:45

    I finished checking on the stuff I uploaded.

    Keita Deka Zenigata

    All of the series are gone except Zenigata Ai Fileserve links. However Ai is missing part 2 for eps 3 and 18 and part 1 is missing for eps 6, 16, 21, and 22.

    Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu

    All season 1 Filserve(Multiupload) links are working. The Fileserve(Multiupload) links for season 2 work except for ep 1. Only parts 1 and 4 for the Movie are working on Filserve(Multiupload).

    Shizuka Naru Don

    Filserve(Multiupload)links working except ep 15 part 1 and ep 19 part 3.


    SP2 is complete on Multiupload with parts 1-4 and 6 thru Fileserve and parts 1, 3, and 5 thru Rapidshare.

    Straight News

    All links dead.


    Filserve(Multiupload) links for eps 1-8 and the Movie are working. Part 4 of the Special on Filserve(Multiupload) is dead.

    Tsumetai Tsuki

    Fileserve links working except ep 2 part 1 and ep 6 part 1.


    Fileserve(Multiupload) working except ep 5 part 2 and ep 8 part 2.

    Warui Onna - Loose Socks Deka

    All links dead.

  • Anonymous 05-02-2012 08:58

    Taiyou ni Hoero! - Macaroni Keiji

    Ep36 Pt.1

    Ep38 Pt.1

    Ep44 Pt.2

    Fileserve links are dead (deleted)

    The rest of the links still seem to be working, at least for now.

  • Sprint 05-02-2012 08:18

    I have Complete sets of "Danjo Shichinin Natsu Monogatari" and "Furyo Shoujo to Yobarete" as well as "Maido Osawagase Shimasu 2" I will start uploading now.

  • Anonym 05-02-2012 07:03

    Bara to Samurai

    Disc 2 part 3, Disk 3 part 2 and part 8 - Fileserve links dead.

    All other links still working.

  • saigo_x 04-02-2012 23:13

    I've checked about a third of the series I uploaded. I'll try and go through the rest today. I archived all the files I uploaded so I can reupload any of them upon request. In fact I believe I kept the original RAR files for most of my MU uploads, in case some of you have partial downloads. Here is the current status of the ones I've checked so far:

    Danjo Shichinin Natsu Monogatari

    The Fileserve(Multiupload)links for episodes 1-5 are still working.

    Furyo Shoujo to Yobarete

    Although there are a few random Rapidshare(Mulitupload) links still working, it's pretty much dead.

    Kiken na Kankei

    All Filserve(Multiupload) links are still working.

    Maido Osawagase Shimasu

    All Filserve(Multiupload) links for season 1 are still working. All the links or season 2 are dead.

    Rai Rai! Kyonshis

    The Filserve(Multiupload)links for episodes 1-2 are still working.

    Coach (1996)

    Not my upload, but I managed to completely download them from the Wupload links on JPDDL. Unfortunately they are the ones from the D-Addicts torrent which had corrupt files for episode 12 and the special.

  • xaxa 04-02-2012 21:01

    да, папки могу создавать только я. немного неудобно, но с другой стороны - не обязательно и заливать туда. было бы даже лучше, если бы каждый выкладывал на свой аккаунт, тогда вероятность того, что все файлы опять разом умрут, была бы меньше))

    спасибо за помощь!

  • Алексей 04-02-2012 19:40

    Загружаю Aitai Toki ni Anata wa Inai. Как я понял, самому создавать там подпапки и загружать в них нельзя?