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Oshin | おしん [1983]

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Oshin | おしん 1983

Genre: drama

Episodes: 297 (~15 min each).

Broadcast period: 1983-Apr-4 to 1984-Mar-31

Cast: Kobayashi Ayako, Tanaka Yuko, Otowa Nobuko

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English hardsub (eps 1-246).

Upload status: complete.

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  • yanaki rulan 15-10-2019 23:05

    thanks all link worked for me only 265 ep don't hv subs others it's all great thanks alot :)

  • xaxa 18-08-2019 14:50

    work for me.

  • Camila 17-08-2019 14:36

    Links off

  • pash 23-07-2019 19:03

    Thanks a lot!!! ^____^


    I checked random episodes from the last weeks, they seem ALL hardsubbed, not only until ep.246 as written in the description ^__-

  • Hugh Jackass 25-01-2019 02:18

    For me,only the first 2 files open

  • SPermana 27-12-2018 00:30

    Thanks a lot for your great effort, all links is working fine, once again, Thanks for bring our childhood memories.

  • xaxa 21-12-2018 03:44

    works for me. try different browser/device

  • Svr 20-12-2018 11:43

    Can not download week 28. Please fix it

  • sallam 18-11-2018 16:37


    Thanks for your reply. Its here:

    but they have a limit of 50gb

    The best choice would be :

    - unlimited storage

    - allows you many options:

    - you can upload multi files at once

    - it generates download links for you

    - it allows people to stream your audio or video files from or directly from your own website if you wish.

    - its all free

    - unlimited storage time.

  • xaxa 13-11-2018 20:36


    Sorry, I won't re-upload already uploaded files, but I might use mediafire for the future uploads.

    If you know other reliable file hosting services with unlimited storage time and at least 10 GB storage space please tell me.

    (btw, what is "file-upload", I couldn't find it)

  • sallam 13-11-2018 08:49

    Can you please upload the episodes to a different file sharing website? allows us to download only 2gb then we have to wait 6 hours!

    There are much better services like mediafire and file-upload...

  • xaxa 02-11-2018 14:26

    they work

  • Chand 02-11-2018 06:04

    Please fix the 42-50 weeks links. Thank you

  • anonym 28-07-2016 05:35

    Please reupload week 3 and 6. thanks

  • anonimous 27-07-2016 12:40

    Week 3, link is broken. please!

  • ani 04-09-2015 10:03

    This is truly amazing thx for such a rare classic WITH Eng subs!!!

  • Iubyont 13-04-2015 00:16

    Thank you For continuing to upload this series!!! I am looking forward to finishing it.

  • Yu 06-01-2015 05:15

    Thank you! Will the series be completed?

  • kitkat 09-12-2014 15:28

    Thank you so much! I heard this is a classic.

  • KyohoGrape 06-04-2014 21:56

    You're doing fantastic work, thank you!

  • Anonymous 27-08-2013 20:00