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Oooka Echizen 13 | 大岡越前13 [1992]

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Oooka Echizen 13 | 大岡越前13 1992

Genre: jidaigeki

Episodes: 26 (13th season)

Broadcast period: 1992-Nov-16 to 1993-May-10

Other Oooka Echizen uploaded seasons.

First 15 episodes of the 13th season of this long-running jidaigeki jdrama. Episode 12 is missing.

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  • delsxyz 09-11-2012 06:35

    Sorry to bother...

    but any news on the last halves?

  • MetalKaiser 29-10-2012 18:30

    Thank you so much

  • Sigurd 29-10-2012 16:47

    Ещё один славный подарок любителям дзидайгэки!