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Nijiko no Bouken | 虹子の冒険 [1980]

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Nijiko no Bouken | 虹子の冒険 1980

Title in English: Nijiko's Adventure

Genre: drama, romance, comedy

Episodes: 13

Broadcast period: from 1980-Dec-11 to 1981-Mar-12

Cast: Masako Natsume, Yukio Aoshima, Yuji Honma, Tanaka Yoshiko

Video: DVDrip

Live adaptation of manga "Ginza Kazoku" by Tsunoda Jirou about hostesses.

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  • Anonymous 07-03-2015 00:02

    Sorry? Please be raised to top things of re-up is complete.

    Because not notice anyone.

  • RetroHelix 05-03-2015 19:50

    Maybe it's my ISP. It loads now (I not waited long enough first) but it is awfully slow (7kb/s).

  • xaxa 05-03-2015 13:05

    works for me

  • RetroHelix 05-03-2015 01:39

    Somehow episode 2 is not loading. It seems a problem on megas side though. Has anyone else this problem?

  • xaxa 24-02-2015 01:12

    thanks a lot, jdraclct!

  • jdraclct 23-02-2015 20:06

    I uploaded Nijiko on MEGA.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  • Anonymous 21-02-2015 02:38

    Please, please re-upload this drama. I try to watch it. i search this drama a long time ago.

  • Anonymous 09-10-2014 21:10

    Please re-upload to MediaFire or MEGA someone.


  • Anlen 27-04-2014 05:46


    What a pity!Thank you anyway.

  • xaxa 26-04-2014 19:44

    I don't have it anymore

  • Anlen 26-04-2014 18:12


    I want to see this drama,but the links are dead.If you have it,can you upload it again,please.Thank you very much.

  • ecojam 26-04-2014 18:01





    →→The links are dead!

  • Not Jekyll 21-12-2011 02:53

    Wow! Who would have thought Tripitaka was such a knockout...

    (Okay, so it was obvious even with the bald-wig!)

    I've never seen Masako Natsume in anything other than Monkey, so I'm tempted to watch this... except it doesn't seem like one to watch unsubbed. :(

    Let's hope some Monkey fanboys of about my age decide to sub it...

    Anyways, another epic upload xaxa!

  • xaxa 16-12-2011 00:01

    Yeah, they are both great in this drama. I'm watching it now and love it.

  • Zemus 15-12-2011 12:01

    I had been searching for this series ever since the passing of Tanaka Yoshiko earlier this spring. May Natsume Masako and Tanaka Yoshiko rest in peace.