Project "Restoration"

Rare and old doramas restoration project

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  • Croissant 09-04-2020 06:50

    And This is Engsub by heiwa fansub for Mare 2015. Iam looking for another link for this series for faster download. If anyone have it, please give me the link. Thank you!

  • Croissant 09-04-2020 06:47

    Here is the link Mare 2015 in Torrent. It's hard to download, but if you want, you can try

  • Spic N Span 12-02-2020 19:56

    Hello, I is there any way to re-upload the this series. I just discovered the 朝ドラ series and really enjoy them. Plus, they are great for learning Japanese (i.e., immersion). Thank you!

  • User 05-11-2019 23:59

    Week 17 is no longer available, too. Just a head's-up. Thanks for all you do!

  • User 22-09-2019 23:48

    Sorry, I meant to write Week 16 below. Thank you!

  • User 22-09-2019 23:46

    May I request reupload of week 15 please? The link appears to be broken. Thank you so much for your amazing site!

  • ali 22-09-2016 08:42

    Thanks xaxa ^_^

  • xaxa 19-12-2015 17:22

    added Special to the post.

  • Anonymous 19-12-2015 01:12

    Could you also upload the specials please? Thanks!