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Kyoushi Binbin Monogatari 2 | 教師びんびん物語2 [1989]

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Kyoushi Binbin Monogatari 2 | 教師びんびん物語2 (1989)

Genre: comedy, school

Episodes: 13 (2nd season)

Broadcast: from 1989-Apr-3 to 1989-Jun-26

Cast: Tahara Toshihiko, Nomura Hironobu, Aso Yumi, Ikuta Tomoko

Video: DVDrip

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Thanks to jdraclct for the link!

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  • akikoyuki 21-11-2016 04:21

    i want to watch this season but the heroine isn't same as first season T_____________________________T whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!! :'(

  • Anonymous 18-03-2016 22:00

    thank you so much^^

  • jdraclct 18-03-2016 00:53

    Reuploaded to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  • Anonymous 18-01-2016 17:56


  • Hanif 01-02-2015 18:37

    Where can I download the 2nd season... I love this drama so much

  • Anlen 21-03-2014 14:35

    Oh,what a pity!

  • saigo_x 20-03-2014 22:24

    I never downloaded season 2 and it was never uploaded to D-Addicts so it might never be reuploaded. :(

  • Anlen 20-03-2014 13:29

    I want to download it,but the links are dead.can you upload again,please. thank you!

  • ecojam 20-03-2014 13:23

    The links are dead!



  • Asuka 12-11-2011 19:08

    Thank you retrohelix!

  • RetroHelix 11-11-2011 21:21

    Since Asuka asked:

    Mipony is an alternative to jdownloader:

  • Nina 09-11-2011 18:52

    thank you so much!!

  • Nina. 06-11-2011 19:41

    Hi xaxa,how are you?

    May I know,when you"ll continue this drama?


  • Nina. 31-10-2011 17:03

    Does anyone watched episode 7? What Tokugawa sensei talked to Yumi Asou at scene minutes 20:45 in the restaurant? Does anyone tell me.Thank you so much :)

  • Mike 30-10-2011 20:54

    Thank you xaxa..I already watched it but can you upload the continue drama? I can't wait to watch it.Thank you!

  • xaxa 29-10-2011 16:22


    Sorry, I don't know about other software, never tried using one, but I'm sure you can find alternative - I think there is nothing special about JDownloader, it's just that it works very well for me.

    You can also download each link separately by copying it in the browser.


    Yes, you can download and watch first 7 episodes now, without waiting for the rest.

  • Mike 29-10-2011 13:00

    If I download this link,untill part.7,Do I can watch the episode 1-7? or I must wait untill last episodes? Tell me,thank you.

  • K 29-10-2011 12:41

    omg i remember watching this as a kid, and loving it! thanks!

  • Asuka. 29-10-2011 12:28

    If Jdownloader is not working,Is there another way to download? I mean,another software? Can you recommend it?

  • Nina 29-10-2011 04:33

    Thank you so much xaxa :))