Project "Restoration"

Rare and old doramas restoration project

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  • Atsuko 28-07-2019 02:00

    Why the link has so many reddirect-viral ads sites? :c

    Can't you place a direct link instead?

  • Maggie P. 23-08-2018 22:52

    Trying to get one episode I missed somehow (ep. 139).

    Thank you very much!

  • prat 21-07-2018 10:13

    big fan of asadora

  • xaxa 21-05-2014 21:54


  • you 20-05-2014 22:28

    Thanks for upload!

    files kh22.rar and khs.part5.rar cannot download. freeze.

    please check.

  • xaxa 05-05-2014 18:36


  • ドラマー 05-05-2014 17:29

    some parts dosen't work.

  • godaigo 28-04-2014 09:27

    Thank you

  • chan 25-04-2014 01:52

    Thank you very much. :)

  • xaxa 24-04-2014 19:17


  • Anonymous 24-04-2014 10:09

    Thank you for this Asadora :)

    Also have the problem that the last episodes do not unpack. Rar-fele seems currupted.

  • chan 24-04-2014 07:57

    kh26end.rar appears to be corrupt.Please re-upload. Thank you.

  • harunomasu 23-04-2014 15:03


    Too bad I couldn't transfer my point to you. But at least we get complete episodes for this series even if there are some MQ mixed up there :)

  • Zemus 22-04-2014 19:56

    harunomasu: Good to know there is the MQ alternative as well. In case, it turns impossible to grab 720p ep009. No missing episodes then! I am going to save some mileage points and try to download it with the quick download option later. Maybe it will budge if I do that. I need 6000 more for the 25GB coupon.

  • harunomasu 22-04-2014 18:55


    I could download the MQ one but not the HD one. Seems that because I don't join the clubbox that shared the files I couldn't download it

  • Anonymous 22-04-2014 18:48


    I have some bonus left for downloading at clubbox so I'll try downloading that episode. I'll tell you if it works

  • xaxa 22-04-2014 15:36

    Mega doesn't even open for me right now. There may be some technical difficulties on their servers, so I'll wait and see if there are any improvements.

  • Zemus 22-04-2014 15:28

    I can't seem to download ep009 of Tsubasa. It is that bug where it won't progress (always 0%, no data down)! File "[ドラマ] 츠바사(つばさ) 第009話 第02週 (2009.04.08 BS-hi 1280x720 DivX6.8.4).avi". Week 2 is complete expect for this episode.

    Also, I am (slowly) seeding 1st Week 1280x720 RAW on D-Addicts at the moment. If you want to grab it, now is your chance.

    @saigo_x: I see. Guess I have to read that thread more often. :)

  • nekono_buta 22-04-2014 12:46

    Thanks for your great jobs.

    kh26end seems to be corrupted.

    Could you please re-upload it.

    Thanks in advance

  • saigo_x 21-04-2014 20:16


    Actually I only tried it because someone mentioned it on The Official Clubbox Thread at D-Addicts (bottom of page 84). :P Glad it's helping though.

  • Zemus 21-04-2014 10:11

    saigo_x: I hadn't thought of using Korean proxy. The download rate increased to a more stable rate now. Good thinking!

    It was very slow indeed. I had only got about half of week 2 until now. By the way, I will most likely help re-seed files on D-Addicts when done (I will post a note in the seed req forum). Assuming they 100% hash check of course. I don't see why they should not though. File size is the same, but you never know.

  • Anonymous 21-04-2014 07:42


    I'm glad you got it! It's very slow to me too sometimes I only get around 6kbps for downloading. If you need me to find old dramas in clubbox, I can always help

  • saigo_x 21-04-2014 04:23

    Clubbox works on Chrome? Wow, did not know that. I may have to try it sometime. I had stopped using Clubbox for a while because the speed for foreign users had gotten very slow and erratic. But a few weeks ago I tested out using a South Korean proxy and now I get the old constant 50K.

  • Zemus 20-04-2014 16:37

    Yes, that is it. Thanks! Found it on my usual site now as well with "[ドラマ] 츠바사(つばさ) avi" as keyword. "つばさ" alone didn't do any good apparently. Started to download week 2 files. It is slooooooow, but better than nothing at all. The files appear to be the same as D-Addicts too.

  • harunomasu 20-04-2014 15:41

    Do you mean this?;=つばさ

    And this is the filename that I found for Tsubasa

    [ドラマ] 츠바사(つばさ) 第001話 第01週 (2009.03.30 BS-hi 1280x720 DivX6.8.4).avi

  • Anonymous 20-04-2014 15:27

    xaxa: I believe so. In the past it was only Internet Explorer.

    harunomasu: If you can provide me with a URL it would be great. The Clubbox search site I use doesn't find anything relevant with the keyword つばさ.

  • xaxa 20-04-2014 15:19


    is it a recent change? if I remember correctly clubbox worked only with Internet Explorer earlier. I might be wrong, as I haven't used it for a looong time.

  • harunomasu 20-04-2014 15:03

    And that's me. Forget to add my name D:

  • Anonymous 20-04-2014 15:02


    I find it using the keyword つばさ. It's in page 29 :)

    There are a lot of old dramas over there. Too bad Clubbox is too slow for me >.>

  • Zemus 20-04-2014 14:49

    I have no problem with Clubbox. It's true that speeds are somewhat slow, but it gets the job done as long as you run it for 24/7 and have some patience. Also, I use Google Chrome browser.

  • xaxa 20-04-2014 14:29


    I tried it several times, but all I got was super slow speed. + I hate Inernet Explorer, so I don't use clubbox anymore. it would be awesome if someone reuploaded it from there though.

  • Zemus 20-04-2014 13:37

    @Keiko. Thanks for making this asadora available. I might be tempted to check it out later.

  • Zemus 20-04-2014 13:33

    You did? Can you tell me which Clubbox please. I tried to find it there but failed. Thank you very much! :)

  • harunomasu 20-04-2014 11:36

    Thanks a lot for this! Now I can finally watch this drama :)

    I found Tsubasa at clubbox. Can you download from there?