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Karei Naru Tsuiseki -The Chaser- [1989]

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華麗なる追跡 The Chaser / Karei Naru Tsuiseki The Chaser

Title: 華麗なる追跡 The Chaser / Karei Naru Tsuiseki The Chaser

Format: Tanpatsu

Genre: comedy, detective, action

Release Date: 7 October 1989

Actors: Matsuda Yusaku, Teruyuki Kagawa

Video: DVD-rip.

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  • Zemus 11-02-2013 11:26

    Okay, this took me ages. Sorry about that. But here it finally is:





    .rar x4

  • xaxa 22-08-2012 16:11

    yeah, sure, whatever it is best for you

  • Zemus 22-08-2012 13:51

    Would it be best to up it as torrent (FSS tracker). I don't have much trust in these file hosting sites since the MU shut down.

  • xaxa 21-08-2012 20:46

    maybe, looks like it.

  • Zemus 21-08-2012 19:47

    I have some good news. Was able to find a version, and by the looks of it, might even be your encode. XviD 640x480, 1.16 GB in size?

  • Zemus 10-08-2012 21:17

    That's what I thought. Don't worry about it really... I am trying to find another copy of it elsewhere. If successful then I will contribute by uploading it here. Might be a bit tricky though, unless I purchase the DVD that is.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • xaxa 06-08-2012 17:43

    sorry, Zemus, can't help you - I don't store files.

  • Zemus 06-08-2012 03:15

    Ah, regret it that I didn't grab this one while links where still online a year ago. I suppose a re-up request is out of question? Perhaps you don't have the file anymore.