Project "Restoration"

Rare and old doramas restoration project

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  • xaxa 11-05-2020 14:04

    links work

  • frank 10-05-2020 22:00

    Please re-up this :-(

  • Sylvain 27-09-2019 05:46

    Please re upload

  • saigo_x 02-11-2013 21:17

    Reuploaded to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  • Guga 23-10-2012 02:36

    Many thanks for all that contributed :):):)

  • Guga 23-10-2012 02:35

    Wahooooo.....Finally :):):):) After several requests on torrent sites, here and there....Finally it is being seeded :):):):):)

    Guys, you can dl this rare series like xaxa said, here:

    ttp:// ouji.torrent

    If you are having trouble, let me know and i´ll upload somewhere else too :)

  • guga 22-10-2012 15:16

    Ok, i found something. It seems to be a hash signature of the 4 DVDs volume exchanged by p2p, but..i have NO idea how to use or download it.

    The 1st site i found this thing was (look at item 231):

    (DVDISO)(1967年特撮)怪獣王子 Vol.1.iso 8,090,329,088 7e86aeb4bfcbc06b7b7c95a6065de08debf4b321

    (DVDISO)(1967年特撮)怪獣王子 Vol.2.iso 8,160,448,512 755bb10260b3f7acc1b023d145d3264e0e7eaeba

    (DVDISO)(1967年特撮)怪獣王子 Vol.3.iso 8,169,240,576 54213c6ae6391801a63546289dbb98e2daa717ba

    (DVDISO)(1967年特撮)怪獣王子 Vol.4(完).iso 3,548,426,240 432a5aa40dda04a68b62d9edaf7b1f0fe127dee4

    After looking for the hash number nearby i ended here:

    after a few more research i ended here: to dl these DVDs from it´s hash ? Which p2p app they use ?

  • Anonym1 20-10-2012 12:49


    Please reupload it

    Indowebster with "not found" "error 404"

    Torrent stops at 75,4 % me too


  • guga 17-10-2012 20:31

    Hi xaxa

    i thought you were the uploader on the torrent files. I suceeded to dl some episodes on indowebster, but now i can´t dl anymore. Can you try to dl them ?

    The files are there....but here it warns a false alarm of "not found"....I know it is false, because IDM suceeds to dl it, but the server generates an error msg due to my country and it claims the file is not there (It simply changes the generated link to another server where the file is not there. Country (or vip) restriction it seems. Ouji

    The dl does not work on my country. I suceeded to dl only episodes 1, 9, 11, 12, 15, 18,19, 22, 23.

    Since i was trying to dl from the torrent i putted a copy of them on my torrent dl folder and reseeded those episodes for everyone, but one else seems to have it and the seed stops at 75,4%.

  • xaxa 11-10-2012 11:23

    I don't have it. Try downloading it from here ttp:// ouji.torrent

  • Anonym 10-10-2012 03:17

    can u please reupload it on mediafire ? or anyother that works ?

  • Anonym 10-10-2012 03:16

    please reupload it

  • Anonym 02-06-2012 12:38

    fileserve Links are Dead !!!

    Please Re-Upload !!!!!!!

  • aaa 13-05-2012 09:53

    Please reupload other server.

    i can't download .


    On Fileserve :

    The mesage appears

    "You can only download files which YOU uploaded ! "