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Kage no Gundan 5 | 影の軍団V [1985]

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Kage no Gundan 5 | 影の軍団V (1985)

Alternative titles: Shadow warriors, Hattori Hanzou

Genre: jidaigeki, ninja

Episodes: 13

Broadcast period: October 7, 1985 – December 30, 1985

Cast: Sonny Chiba

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  • xaxa 16-05-2015 23:02

    added to the post

  • maiKL 16-05-2015 17:46

    Sorry is someone can upload all Kage no Gundan S05 episode .IDX Only Thanks before..

  • RetroHelix 17-02-2015 00:13

    Sorry for posting this here but over at they are asking for a new project. Maybe you and the visitors of this site want to suggest something.