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Kage no Gundan 4 | 影の軍団IV [1985]

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Kage no Gundan 4 | 影の軍団IV (1985)

Alternative titles: Shadow warriors, Hattori Hanzou

Genre: jidaigeki, ninja

Episodes: 27

Broadcast period: April 2, 1985 – October 1, 1985

Cast: Sonny Chiba

English softsub

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  • XIIK 25-01-2019 05:37

    Never mind, I was the problem, Thanks!

  • xiik 25-01-2019 05:31

    none of the links in any Kage No Gundan shows work anymore, can or wil you please re upload them? Thanks

  • Anonymous 22-09-2017 09:14

    Thank you for this great show. Any chance of getting the specials they did please?

  • Anonymous 21-07-2017 13:23

    I downloaded it. Thank you.

  • xaxa 20-07-2017 20:25

    made a backup, but usually when there is a temporary error, the file can become downloadable on it's own after some time. or you can try different browser/device.

  • Anonymous 20-07-2017 17:40

    I can't download the 21esp.Would you please check it if there is something wrong?

  • Anonymous 26-02-2015 21:32

    I can't download the 26esp.Would you please check it if there is something wrong?