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Ie Naki Ko 2 | 家なき子2 [1995]

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Ie Naki Ko 2 | 家なき子2 (1995)

Title in English: Child Without a Home 2

Genre: drama

Episodes: 13

Broadcast: from 1995-Apr-15 to 1995-Jul-08

Cast: Adachi Yumi, Domoto Koichi, Naito Takashi, Kawashima Naomi, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi

A second season of Ie Naki Ko drama.

Episodes 6 and 9 are of a different quality.

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  • LX 25-05-2012 11:17

    Can any 1 re-upload this?the links are not working..Many thanks :)

  • xaxa 22-10-2011 15:44

    Sorry, you are right, re-uploaded.

  • nekono_buta 22-10-2011 14:27

    Link for 06.part3.rar

    does not work,

    Please reupload.